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Protection law for family caregivers introduced

Jobs will be legally protected for up to an eight-week leave of absence to care for a dying relative under a provincial bill introduced last week.

Labour Minister Chris Bentley said the amendment to Ontario's Employment Standards Act is aimed at employees of small businesses who currently face the dilemma of losing their job if they stay home to care for a gravely ill family member.

Government figures state that more than 40% of workers caring for a dying relative have had to quit their jobs to do so.

Opposition party critics said the bill falls far short of enabling cash-strapped parents to stay home or of assisting families with developmentally disabled children.

New Democrat MPP Peter Kormos said the bill does not compensate low-income workers for lost income or address the nursing shortages that require caregivers to stay home from work. "One has to be able to afford to do it," Kormos said of the eight-weeks unpaid leave.


57,000 summer jobs

More than 57,000 young people will be able to find jobs or start their own business through the Ontario Summer Jobs program.

From April to September, Ontario Summer Jobs helps young people ages 15 and up find work or start their own summer business. The program offers a range of services and opportunities, from job search and self-marketing services to an exciting job working in a wilderness park as an Ontario summer ranger.

Opportunities exist for businesses and community organizations to get a $2 per hour wage support to hire students for up to 16 weeks. As well, the program provides students with up to $3,000 to help them start up and run their own summer business. Jobs are also available in provincial government ministries and agencies.

Call the training hotline at 1-888-JOB-GROW or 416-326-5656, or visit or

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