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Immigrant finds employment help

Being in a new country is an exiting opportunity to discover the city, meet new people, learn a new language and make your dreams come true.

But it is also very stressful and frightening!

Clearly, a major goal for any immigrant is to find a job in a new, exciting, dynamic, yet sometimes "unfriendly" city like Toronto.

That is exactly what happened to 25-year-old Sylvester Harvey-Ewusi when he came to Canada from Ghana.

He started looking for a job. At the recommendation of his father, he came to Gateway-Cafe, looking for assistance and advice in the job search process.

Harvey-Ewusi had many barriers in employment: he was a new immigrant, he was uncertain where to go and how to start a job search.

He also had no access to the Internet, a telephone or a fax and had no Canadian experience. All these things made it challenging to find employment.

The staff at Gateway-Cafe helped him develop his resume and cover letter and assisted him in sending out his resume to companies.

Eddy Masks

With the assistance of a job developer, Harvey-Ewusi quickly found himself making ice hockey masks for the Eddy Masks company. Eddy Masks is a local employer that has been in business since 1989.

Owner Eddy Schulz, a self-employed entrepreneur, has grown Eddy Masks to a company that manufactures and sells customized goalie masks internationally -- in Canada, USA, Japan and Europe -- both at the retail and professional (NHL) levels.

"Sylvester presented himself well, he is a very hard worker, quick learner and he works well with my team," Schulz says. "We hope that he will enjoy his work here with us and get some local experience, which will definitely be helpful for him."

Since 1998, Gateway-Cafe has focused on helping youth reach their employment goals.

To find more about Gateway-Cafe, visit or call 416-466-7489.

To identify your neighbourhood youth employment centre for hiring made easy at no cost to you, visit

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