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Employment centre helps community business and youth

Twenty-two-year old Sachdeo (Tony) Persaud went to The Alternative Youth Centre for Employment (AYCE) because he needed to find a job quickly. His girlfriend received valuable job search assistance from AYCE two years earlier and urged him to go to them for help.

Like many unemployed youth, Persaud's financial woes could only be addressed by a steady paycheque.

"When I met Tony, I felt a sense of urgency,"says AYCE employment counsellor Nicole James, who fast- tracked him through employment preparation.

Tony recalls how much James helped him, "Nicole did everything for me -- she updated my resume, gave me clothing assistance and bus tokens to get around. She also introduced me to job developer Aldene Thomas who happened to be pre-screening candidates for the Travel Lodge."

Travel Lodge manager, Naresh Sella, says he was drawn to the services that AYCE provided. "I don't have a lot of time to screen resumes and look for new employees."

Sella was pleased that AYCE would assist him in identifying suitable candidates at no charge. "It took the pressure off me. I really appreciated the fact that Aldene would handle interviewing and pre-screening. I previously advertised the job but couldn't find anyone suitable," Sella said.

"I got the job in one day," Persaud remembers and proudly states, "This is my career. I do everything -- painting, tiling, dry walling, framing and caulking. I'm a tradesman."

Persaud has been working at Travel Lodge for three months now and enjoys the training period, which is subsidized through AYCE's provincially government funded Job Connect program.

Sella recognizes his potential. "Tony's a great guy. Initially, he had difficulties with punctuality, but he continues to improve and work hard."

Sella is pleased that once candidates are hired, AYCE also provides ongoing job maintenance support. "The agency stands behind the employer and the candidate all the way. Whenever I need help or have jobs to fill, I call them. The staff is reliable and supportive."

A division of Tropicana Community Services, AYCE has job developers equipped to assist the hiring needs of businesses.

For information, call 416 -491-7000 or visit their website at

To identify your neighbourhood youth employment centre for hiring made easy at no cost to you, visit

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