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Global Driver Services Inc. has been serving the transportation needs of the Canadian and U.S. trucking industry for 29 years. Through the provision of qualified professional commercial vehicle operators and value added safety programs, Global Driver Services has established itself as a premier supplier of transportation personnel.

Induscorp Inc., (Global's affiliate company) has become equally successful, having established itself as a quality personnel supplier as demonstrated by an impressive corporate client list. Servicing the Ontario market, Induscorp has lived up to a reputation for superior level of client service and for providing top-notch, short and long-term warehouse and office personnel.

Founded by Michael E. Keefe in July 1976, Global Driver Services and Induscorp Inc. maintain a head office located at 7 Greensboro Dr. in Etobicoke, with branch facilities in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Montreal.

Supplying to Canadian and U.S. truck fleets as well as business and manufacturing organizations, the two companies employ in excess of 700 commercial vehicle operators and labourers.

In February 1995, Global Driver Services and Induscorp Inc. became ISO 9002 certified and have since upgraded to the new 9001-2000 standard. Although other personnel agencies have received similar accreditation, Global Driver Services and Induscorp were the industry's first personnel suppliers to achieve ISO certification.

Global and Induscorp have also become renowned for offering prime employment opportunities paying top wages with first-rate working conditions.

Due to a serious shortage of qualified drivers and labourers, Global and Induscorp have responded with creative recruitment methods. One of these events is taking place at their head office on Saturday, Sept. 11 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. when the company will host a job fair.

Driver and labour candidates can inquire about the numerous job openings that are currently available. Global Driver Services is also offering a $100 bonus to anyone who refers a driver.

Road safety

Global Driver Services and Induscorp Inc. would like to take this opportunity during National Trucker Appreciation Week to acknowledge and congratulate all commercial vehicle operators for their outstanding contributions to communities throughout the country and for their admirable efforts with respect to road safety.

Contact Global Driver Services at 416-249-2373 or visit their website at

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