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Logistics: Logically at George Brown

Once a company is off the ground, how do you increase profits? By boosting sales or lowering costs, and unless you're a natural salesman, you'll probably want to look at cost-cutting.

Besides, you need to increase sales by $1 million to take $100,000 to the bank, but save only $100,000 on costs to do the same. More and more companies are recognizing that lowering costs is the way to succeed in today's competitive market.

But how do you lower costs? Manufacturing has already been through a cost-cutting revolution. Canadian manufacturers are either already making high-quality products at low cost, or they've packed up and moved abroad.

But there's the rub: as factories move further away, the need for good logistics and supply chain management increases. This is the logistics revolution, the biggest opportunity in business today.

Stay ahead of the game

Industry Canada has said Canada will need 11,000 qualified logistics workers per year in the foreseeable future. So how can you take advantage of this revolution and stay ahead of the game?

You need to get trained, prove your skills now, and get your foot in the door. Canada suffers from an acute shortage of qualified logistics personnel.

It's a wide field with lots of opportunities: logisticians can save money through outsourcing, e-commerce, 3PL (Third Party Logistics), strategic alliances, lower inventory, better safety, better material handling, consignment inventory, faster delivery and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and that's just scratching the surface.

New logistics technologies, such as tracking through RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags, are arriving all the time.

Successful logisticians grab these opportunities to save their companies money. And with a track record for savings, your value goes up, like a hockey player negotiating a new contract. If your present team won't reward you, another one will. That's the great thing about having skills that are in demand.

The door to logistics may be at the George Brown College Distance Education program in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (

The program is 100% online, so you never set foot in a classroom. It is the ultimate in flexibility. If you can't go to school because of your location or schedule, no problem. This school is open 24/7.

And online doesn't mean learning alone. Students are logging on from China, Vietnam, Japan, Europe, South America and the U.S., so there's always someone to talk to.

Interactive logistics discussions with perspectives from around the globe can only be found at this innovative, globally oriented program.

For more information, visit

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