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Aviation Conference flies north to Seneca

Aviation educators from across North America will gather at Seneca College this week to look at the challenges and opportunities they face in the 21st century.

The annual conference of the University Aviation Association brings together representatives from education, industry, government and the public to take part in education sessions, share experiences and develop partnership opportunities.

This year's conference, Collaboration Across Borders, from Oct. 6 - 9, marks the first time the conference has been held outside the United States.

'International relationships'

"Collaboration Across Borders is not just a theme, but a mandate for our process as an organization," says Carolyn Williamson, executive director, University Aviation Association. "It's vital we reach out to all the stakeholders in the worldwide aviation community and expand our international relationships. With Canadian institutions representing the majority of UAA membership outside the United States, it is appropriate that the organization's first international conference be held in Canada."

The University Aviation Association (UAA) is the voice of collegiate aviation education to its members, the industry, government and the general public.

Through the collective expertise of its members, this nonprofit organization plays a pivotal role in the advancement of degree-granting aviation programs in all segments of the aviation industry.

Seneca's School of Aviation and Flight Technology was established in 1968, making it among the oldest collegiate aviation programs in Canada. Since that time the school has graduated several hundred pilots, many of whom are in senior positions with major airlines, Transport Canada, Nav Canada, Airport Authorities, the military and the aviation insurance industry. The school is recognized as the preeminent collegiate aviation program in the country as a result of its highly qualified faculty and top equipment.

Seneca's Bachelor of Applied Technology Flight Program, which began September 2003, trains students to work as professional pilots or in government regulatory agencies, airport authorities, flight test and evaluation, aircraft manufacture and marketing, and the aviation insurance industry.

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