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Money laundering subject of college courses

With Canada acknowledged as a growing destination for money laundering, Centennial College has launched two unique courses in the subject designed for investigators, compliance officers and internal audit personnel employed by financial institutions and police agencies.

"The things that make a country attractive for legitimate business are the same things that illegitimate businesses look for: a reliable, high-tech banking system and a stable political climate," says Centennial instructor Chris Mathers. "Canada has a great business climate where money procured by criminal means can co-mingle with legitimate investments."

Recognized authority

Mathers is a retired RCMP officer and internationally recognized authority on money laundering. He was a senior undercover operator in the RCMP Proceeds of Crime Section, where he established and operated a number of "storefront" money-laundering businesses in Canada and the U.S., targeting organized crime groups. Mathers is also the author of a book on the subject.

Centennial offers two courses aimed at assisting authorities combating money laundering. The first is an introductory workshop that identifies the reasons why money must be laundered and the typical means to accomplish it.

The three-hour seminar discusses the activities of both organized crime and terrorist organizations.

Money Laundering for Investigators examines the principles of investigation in money laundering and proceeds of crime. Topics covered in this three-day course include: history of money laundering, international regulatory activity, the use of banks and remitters, laundering typologies, investigative techniques and case studies.

Both courses begin in January. For more information, call Police Education program manager Ed Judd at 416-289-5000, ext. 2534.

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