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The International Academy of Design and Technology will host a special event Thursday, Dec. 2 from 6 to 8 p.m. to introduce a new Digital Photography Program. Prospective students and their families will be treated to an open house with light refreshments, a program overview and an interactive digital photography session.

The Academy, already a leader in design and media arts education, is celebrating the addition of Digital Photography to its growing roster of digital media programs. This exciting new option -- launching in January -- is designed to prepare graduates for a variety of positions within the photographic industry.

Students will learn creative and technical skills including photographic principles, studio and location lighting, basic graphic design techniques and current software applications using the latest industry-standard equipment and processes. With the guidance of accomplished professionals currently working in the field, students will produce both an online and print portfolio of their work to market their services to employers and clients.

Growing industry

The last few years have witnessed an explosion in digital media arts. According to the Toronto Digital Art Association, this innovative business is part of a vibrant and growing industry, with Toronto leading the way and creating many of today's interactive and digital media campaigns for local, national and international clients.

If it can be argued that images are the new currency for the information age, then digital photographers are in an excellent position to take advantage of this economy. The immediacy of digital technology is quickly changing established areas like commercial, news, portrait and wedding photography. There are also many non-traditional markets for digital photographers, such as real estate postings, Internet dating and home inventory.

According to Orlando Marques, program coordinator for the Digital Photography Program at The International Academy of Design, Toronto, students need only imagination, creativity and an eagerness to learn in order to enter the program. Financial assistance is available for those who qualify, and career management is part of the curriculum. Career planning and job placement are also available through the career services department.

For more information contact International Academy of Design And Technology at 1-866-425-5458, or visit on the web at

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