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The summer job search begins!

By Diane Janes
Career Connection Editor

The summer job hunt is on and to help students with this daunting task our weekly Youth Force feature will provide information and ideas to open the doors to summer jobs.

From tips on beefing up your ever-so-slim resume, to how to get an internship, to expert advice from industry experts, the Youth Force pages will arm you with the tools to get the summer job you want.

To kick things off, Ontario is spending $52 million on its summer jobs program, the same amount as last year, to help up to 57,000 youths find work or start a business.

The program, which runs from April to September, will help young people between the ages of 15 and 24 find summer work, Mary Anne Chambers, Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities, said earlier this month.

The program also applies to people with disabilities up to age 29.

"This program helps young people get some insight into the working world, and provides them with valuable experience that will help them as they consider future career options," Chambers said.

The program offers a $2-per-hour wage top-up for businesses and community organizations to hire students for up to 16 weeks.

In addition, it provides students with up to $3,000 to help them start and run their own summer businesses.

Jobs are also available in provincial government ministries and agencies.

Information about the program and how to apply is available on the ministry's website at, or the Ontario government's site, and by calling the JobGrow Hotline at 1-888-JobGrow or 416-326-5656 in Toronto.

Our handy chart below should start you on your way.

Keep in mind that finding a summer job in today's work force takes time and effort. While this guide provides information about opportunities supported by Ontario Summer Jobs, you should apply for as many other jobs in your community as possible.

Good luck!

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