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Connecting people through your small biz

By Roger Pierce

Bringing people together is simply good business. Entrepreneur Daniel Levesque knows how to do just that, drawing together 15,000 people twice a year at Ontario's largest career fair. "It's a great feeling to connect so many people through your own hard work," he says.
The National Job Fair & Training Expo draws 15,000 people.

Job Fair

Levesque owns The National Job Fair Inc. which produces The National Job Fair & Training Expo ( held every April and September at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

His popular two-day event connects job seekers with employers, recruiters, trainers, HR specialists and service providers from 120 different organizations.

"The best part of being an entrepreneur for me is working with different people to create this show," Levesque says. "I've been able to grow this event by joining forces with organizations through strategic partnerships, such as our media alliance with The Toronto Sun. You get more accomplished by teaming up with people who share your goals."

A business that helps to connect people in a beneficial way can be very rewarding. Whether it's a career fair, an online dating service or a networking event, you'll

need to enjoy working with many people and possess strong coordination skills.
You've got to love working with a lot of people to organize a big event, says Daniel Levesque. His National Job Fair & Training Expo is now open at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

"It's a lot of work to recruit quality exhibitors, arrange the venue and promote the event," Levesque explains. "But I don't complain, because I get such a good feeling knowing I'm helping people to launch new careers."

During his past 12 years in the "people" business, Levesque has learned some valuable lessons along the way. "I choose to trust people when doing business, but I've learned to back it up with good legal contracts."

Business destiny

He's also learned the importance of controlling one's business destiny. "Sadly, money has the power to change people. Some business partnerships start friendly and turn ugly once an enterprise begins to make money. Be sure to retain majority ownership of your company if you can."

Meet Daniel Levesque and visit the BizLaunch Self-Employment Pavilion at The National Job Fair & Training Expo, open today and tomorrow at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Front St. W. The show is sponsored in part by The Toronto Sun.

-- Entrepreneurship expert Roger Pierce trains people on how to start a small business in the Up & Running Biz Launch Program.

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