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Inspiring people is big business

By Roger Pierce

It's a wonderful feeling to know your small business inspires change. "We make a positive influence on people through our stage performance," entrepreneur and entertainer Stuart Knight says.

His company, KnightFlight Productions, takes self-improvement concepts and incorporates them into entertaining, hilarious and thought-provoking presentations. KnightFlight Productions reaches out to high schools, corporations and the theatre scene.

One of his company's current performances is the popular Decide Show, ( a "play-party" put on each Saturday night inside his trendy loft theatre at 721 Queen St. W.

Decide is a six-person show that literally grabs the audience by their chins and asks the question, "What if?" It combines music, video and a talented young cast in an engaging and entertaining performance that encourages guests to think about their futures and open their minds to new personal possibilities. Following the performance, the play turns into a party with guests and actors mingling over cocktails.

Knight decided to use his considerable talents as a writer and entertainer to bring new energy to motivational presentations. "I saw an industry that needed new blood," Knight says. "Most motivational presentations are boring and lack style, putting the audience to sleep with predictable speeches."

In business for eight years, Knight has appeared before 300,000 people and has toured Canada three times in the National "Discover What's Inside You Tour" sponsored by Coca-Cola.


As a national award-winning entrepreneur, he thrives on combining entertainment with thought-provoking ideas to inspire change.

Knight funded his business start-up with personal savings and a loan from the Canadian Youth Business Foundation ( "The idea of being an entrepreneur has been in my blood since the day I started charging my neighbours to watch me do tricks on my bike," he jokes.

With its popular reviews and growing audience, Knight plans to take his Decide Show to New York City. From there, he wants to get into film and television to present his motivational ideas to the world. "Ideally, we want Oprah's spot!" he quips.

-- Entrepreneurship expert Roger Pierce trains people on how to start a small business in the Up & Running Biz Launch Program.

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