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Small biz can be a laughing matter

By Roger Pierce

Some entrepreneurs get too serious about business, forgetting that running one's own company should be fun. Others are in business purely for the fun of it. "We could never find any jobs for office clowns listed in the Toronto Sun, so we created our own," entrepreneur Bronwyn Davies Glover says jokingly.
Entrepreneurs Bronwyn Davies Glover and Catrina Whan are in the business of fun as Dot & Dribble Productions.

Glover and her business partner Catrina Whan are definitely having fun as entrepreneurs. Together the duo form Dot & Dribble Productions (, a theatrical clowning company teaching, producing and performing original productions.

"We combine clown and performance art together in a very unique fashion," Glover says.

Their innovative art form has been welcomed by a diverse range of clients spanning education, corporate and theatre sectors.

Drawn together by their love of laughter and performance, Dot and Dribble have been delighting audiences now for two years. "We believe everyone's a clown -- we just happen to wear the noses!" Whan says.

Part of the fun for these two is their unconventional schedule. "It's certainly not a nine-to-five lifestyle, so we don't really have a defined work environment," Glover says. "But, like most entrepreneurs, we choose to revel in the crazy hours."

Being different doesn't bother either entrepreneur. In fact, they're realizing the value of uniqueness. "Because we're definitely not a mainstream business, we find people talk more about what we do," Whan says. "It's helped us to create a buzz and generate more bookings."

Dot and Dribble will parlay that buzz into a national and international tour of festivals, theatres and schools. "We're planning to take our performance on the road throughout Canada, Australia and England," Glover says. "Hopefully, we'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

-- Entrepreneurship expert Roger Pierce trains people on how to start a small business in the Up & Running Biz Launch Program.

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