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Think work is boring?

By Colleen Clarke
Sun Media

If you are working at a job that doesn't have you leaping out of bed every Monday morning, try following these tips from Richard Bolles in his bible What Color is Your Parachute?
  • View your job as temporary. Ninety per cent of us work for someone else, so longevity at a job is dictated by the company, not you. Never stop networking and try to update your resume every year. The average length of employment today is 2.4 to three years, so don't take a bamboo plant to work. In other words, don't grow roots.
  • View your job as a seminar. To keep your job alive it has to stay moving. Constantly look for chances to increase your expertise and skills, volunteer for difficult assignments, sign up for training and look for opportunities to get yourself out of your comfort zone. Keep learning. Professional development is mandatory.
  • View your job as an adventure. Look at challenges as an adventure -- as a solution to be solved, not a problem to be overcome. Put humour in the job you do, make a routine task a step-by-step achievement, reward yourself with each successful step achieved.
  • Try to find satisfaction in the work itself. Find whatever pleasure you can from just doing your job. It takes a lot of hard work to turn a nine-to-five job into a dream job. Stretch and grow. Ask yourself questions.

    Think work is boring? Try telling that to the toll booth operator on the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. He plays his boom box loud, and dances beside the little hut as commuter lines file by.

    Like life, work is what you make of it. If the company you are working for cannot offer you the excitement and challenge you crave, create your own or move on.

    Colleen Clarke is a career specialist and corporate trainer and author of Networking -- How to Creatively Tap Your People Resources.

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