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A world of opportunities

By Lauren Breslin
Special to The Sun

Torontonians looking for employment can go "shopping" for a job at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre today and tomorrow during the 7th edition of The National Job Fair & Training Expo.

It's the mother of all recruitment, career, training and education fairs in Ontario, bringing together the expertise and know-how of a wide range of organizations -- all under one roof.

In fact, the fall edition will be the largest show to date. Job seekers will have the opportunity to connect with close to 120 companies -- a new participation record. Participating companies will be offering more than 3,500 employment and career opportunities.

"The general public can't meet with as many organizations in a public show for their careers without coming to The National Job Fair & Training Expo," says event organizer and president Daniel Levesque. "If you wanted to talk to that many people on your own time, you'd have to call the companies, make an appointment, get an appointment, send in your resume and then wait to see if they're interested. This way, they're all there and they're all ready to offer new opportunities for your career."

Among the various pavilions on site, the Employment Pavilion is perhaps the most popular. Here, job hunters will have access to top Canadian employers and employment agencies offering full-time, part-time, temporary or seasonal work. "We feel it's just the best way to access the job market live," Levesque says.

In addition to companies offering jobs, job seekers can also stop and chat with representatives from colleges, universities, training programs and other job-assistance offices, which will host booths at the Training and Education Pavilion. This pavilion can lead job seekers to their next career.

Meanwhile, people who are considering starting their own business can get advice from a variety of sources at the Biz-Launch Entrepreneurship Pavilion. Experts will be on hand to provide tips and suggestions on starting a business, setting up a marketing plan and other useful information. "There will be eight 90-minute entrepreneurship seminars for people who want to start their own business," Levesque says. "Seminars include: raising money for your new business, market resources made easy, and free publicity for your business."

In the Public Presentation Area, there will be 18 presentations from speakers talking about various career topics, one every half-hour.

In the Employment & Career Services Pavilion, attendees will have the chance to meet with professionals who will provide essential, up-to-date information on how to build your career and find your next job.

All in all, attendees will have the chance to meet with some 700 human resources professionals, recruiters and career specialists at the two-day event.

New this year is the Resume Professional Assessment Centre, where qualified personnel from Career Professionals of Canada will review job seekers' resumes free of charge and offer pointers on how to improve them.

The National Job Fair & Training Expo can be an excellent source of information, expertise and job leads. But to get the most out of the fair, it's important to take an assertive and structured approach.

"The first thing to remember is not to run everywhere," warns Levesque. "When you arrive at the admissions desk, you'll receive the show guide, which will have the exhibitors list with the floor plan. What I suggest is to take some time to look at the list of exhibitors, and choose the ones you want to visit first. Divide it into categories -- the most important exhibitors for you to visit, the second-most important, etc. And then you can manage your time in the most effective way."

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