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A world of knowledge awaits job seekers

By gathering together the resources involved in the job-search process and career development, The National Job Fair & Training Expo provides job seekers a unique array of services -- all under one roof.

There are four main pavilions to visit -- the Employment Pavilion, the Training & Education Pavilion, the Biz-Launch Self-Employment Pavilion and the Employment & Career Services Pavilion -- covering every aspect of the job-search process: jobs, careers, training, education, self-employment, small business, resources, counselling and information services.

The world is full of opportunities, and The National Job Fair & Training Expo aims to a world of opportunities too. Many exhibiting companies have several offices in the Greater Toronto Area, in other provinces and even other countries!

The Employment Pavilion

This pavilion welcomes employers of all types and from all sectors who are offering a vast selection of positions.

The new Retail Avenue is part of this pavilion. The pavilion is for those who are interested in finding a job or who are ready for a career change.

Job seekers will find top employers from the private and public sectors ready to start the hiring process on-site, and employment agencies -- all looking for professional and/or technical personnel, experienced candidates, new graduates and students.

Job offers are as varied as the job market -- full-time, part-time, temporary, seasonal, casual and volunteer positions. Many employers will be in need of bilingual (English-French) candidates.

The Training & Education Pavilion

This pavilion welcomes professional and special training facilities, colleges, universities, professional associations and continuing education centres -- all important and essential in helping job seekers build their future. This pavilion is for those who are interested in training and education programs or who are contemplating a career change.

Training and educational facilities offer job seekers information that will help them keep an open mind about taking their careers in a new direction. Through training and education, candidates have access to exciting new opportunities. This pavilion allows candidates to learn about future job trends -- a critical part of The National Job Fair & Training Expo.

The BizLaunch Entrepreneurship Pavilion

Entrepreneurship and self-employment is the fastest-growing occupation in Canada. Affordable technology, increasing global trade, supportive government, Baby Boomers and a growing desire among working-age Canadians to "be your own boss" are some factors fuelling an unprecedented rise in the number of people choosing entrepreneurship.

This pavilion will attract people exploring self-employment and those who are ready to begin the process of small business start-up. Created in partnership with Entrepreneurship Experts at BizLaunch, this Pavilion will feature on-site information, resources, assistance, career transition and support specifically for individuals exploring self-employment and entrepreneurship.

The Employment & Career Services Pavilion

This Pavilion welcomes employment services, career centres, career counsellors, professional resume writers, job developers, services for new Canadians, services for internationally trained individuals, and not-for-profit organizations dedicated to help you in your job search and your career.

It gives those who need support and employment resources the opportunity to get judicious advice in their job search. What to do, where to go, who to talk to and how to do it: It's all there!

The Internet Area ( presents The Internet Area. Now available in Ontario, job seekers will have the opportunity to get a closer look at, a 1.4-million-member jobsite.

Located in The Employment Pavilion, visitors to The Internet Area will be able to register with Jobboom. Representatives will be on hand to answer any questions. Six computers will be available on-site. has been one of the leading sources of online job postings and career counselling for French-speaking candidates since 1997. Its national expansion was launched in October 2004 with an aggressive multimedia advertising campaign.

NEW: The Resume Professional Assessment Centre

The Resume Professional Assessment Centre is a new service centre attached to the Employment & Career Services Pavilion. It offers job seekers a one-of-a-kind opportunity for a free resume assessment in partnership with Career Professionals of Canada (Canada's top published resume writers).

This honest and direct evaluation will help improve your resume and get the results you're looking for.

NEW: The Retail Avenue (a mall-style area dedicated to retail exhibitors)

Retail candidates will be happy to learn that The National Job Fair & Training Expo will showcase The Retail Avenue as part of The Employment Pavilion. Management positions as well as store positions, and more, will be offered from some 20 exhibiting national retailers.

Also on-site
  • The Jobs Avenue: A must-see! Hundreds of jobs, training, career services and business opportunities posted!
  • Public Presentation Area: Attend as many as 18 free presentations of 45 minutes each (nine per day) by renowned speakers, each to cover various topics of the job market.
  • Entrepreneurship Seminar Room: Not less than eight seminars of 90 minutes each (four per day) will be presented in the BizLaunch entrepreneurship Pavilion to cover various topics of self-employment and new business start-up.
  • The National Job Fair & Training Expo offers private interview rooms, a visitors' information desk, a rest area and a public restaurant.

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