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Lost In You: This song was originally written for the movie "Revelations". I was contacted by the producers and was told they were looking for a title song so they flew me out to screen the movie. I know everyone will remember the movie for its special effects, but the love affair between Scott and Kennedy is what grabbed me. The whole world is coming to an end and all that seems to matter to him is making sure that she knows how much he doesn't want to live if living means without her. "Lost In You" came from that love.

Right Now: The idea came to me while watching the news... senseless acts of violence, the slaughtering of innocence, and the countless opportunities of the '90s with the "give peace a chance" theme of the 60s. I don't do anthems. I'm not a preacher, but people, this "win no matter what we lose" attitude is going to kill us all. Please, love one another.

Snow in July: "Snow" was a gift. When you come out of a good relationahip gone bad, it almost always produces a song from within. "Snow" is one of those songs but in a different way. It allows me to still feel the anger and surprise but in a groovin' way. The feel of the song makes me be "all right" with the sting of that relationship.

That's the Way I Remember It: "That's The Way" was created originally as a ballad and originally it was sad. The lyric talked abour missed opportunity and regret. When the lyric changed to a more "positive" approach, the music didn't seem to fit the lyric. I woke up one morning in a mood that reminded me of the Beatles piece "Good Day Sunshine" and I wrote the kind of song I never thought I would write, a positive one.

Driftin' Away: "Driftin Away" was a revelation for me. After years and years of unsuccessful relationships, I found a woman who I would do more than die for. I had never felt more loved in my life and I had never been treated better. I will never forget how unusually quiet and cold it was the morning I left, and how orange the sunrise made everything. I grabbed my jacket and my guitar and left the rest. Driving away that morning, I realized I had been the problem all these years. Why to some does loneliness feel so good?

Way of the Girl: Most of the songs I have written are for specific individuals. The majority are lovers from past relationships. "Way of the Girl" fits a lot of women I know. When you hear the line, "you change the world for her graces, but she keeps changing her mind, " does that sound like anybody you know?

Unsigned Letter: The character in "Unsigned Letter" is actually a real person and a friend of mine. I became good friends with a woman who was one of the nurses that took care of me after my accident. She was very "plain Jane" and seemed to be very content with her career being the only social activity in her life. With my jaws wired shut for six weeks, having a conversation with her was not easy, so I wrote her letters... very short letters, and she would reply. I always wondered how she would react if she got an unsigned letter from love. We are still friends and she is still the same, but at the risk of embarrassing myself if she reads this, sometimes I still wonder what she would be like if she ever let go.

It Don't Matter To The Sun: Some people think I recorded this song for my father. When I was a kid, he had every record Ramsey Sellers ever made. I even remember my father having Ramsey Sellers eight tracks for the car. His favorite song was "It Don't Matter To The Sun". He sang that song to my mother for as long as I can remember. After my father's death, my mother had no one to sing this song to her. Truth is, I recorded this song for her.

Main Street: I grew up with a guy named Jeff McHugh. He was always talking about getting out of the town we grew up in. It seemed every day in high school he had some new plan of freedom. He never left. One night after a concert, I got to talk to him and I asked him why he never got out. What he told me made a lot of sense in a very simply way... He said he was afraid if he left and didn't become a success, he could never go back. I thought about what he said a lot. About a month later in a hotel room in Seattle I wrote a song called "In My Dreams." The title was later changed to "Main Street"

White Flag: "White Flag" is the only good thing I got out of a bad relationship. We both we so intense, and when you put two intense people together, the highs are extremely high and the lows are extremely low. Sex was on a level I had never experienced before and the fighting was on a level I had never experienced before. One day I found myself in the middle of Matoya Valley, standing on the hood of my car, fists clenched and screaming to the heavens. The phenomenal rush of the highs could not compete with the constant drane of the lows... I broke. My will surrendered the girl of my dreams for the loneliness of freedom. On the way back into town that night, on the inside of the windshield, I wrote with my finger, "I say black, you say white..."

Digging for Gold: I love old movies. I had a couple of days off in Berlin and and the only American television they had was these old black and white movies. I slept all day and watched movies all night. I'm a huge Carol Wells fan and the last night there I watched Poison Kisses. Now, I've seen this movie a thousand times, but this time when Hax Horton dumps her at the end, I could not get this guitar riff out of my head. And when he asks her, "Do you love me darling, or are you just digging for gold?" I couldn't write the words down fast enough.

Maybe: This one was for Tommy, probably the biggest Beatles fan I ever met. I used to go out a lot to where Tommy's plane crashed in northern New Mexico. I would sit in the mountains and listen to the wind through the trees. I talked to Tommy there. I was determined that my music died with him and that I would not go on without him. In the fall of '87 I took a drive, like I had done so many times before, but this time there was something different about the mountains. There was a peace. I left that evening with a new outlook on my music and my life. that day, somehow, I realized that I didn't have to leave Tommy. He's been with me more now than he's ever been. "Maybe" has a deliberate Beatles feel to it...for Tommy, but every time I hear it I realize I wrote this song for me.

My Love Tells Me So: "My Love" is the first song Tommy, Marc and I ever wrote together. This is the song we got our record deal on and was the big single for Crush. The record label liked our demo of the song so much they decided to use the demo instead of the big studio version we cut after the record deal. There are a lot of things in this record that we were going to replace when we got the money to "do it right." For example, the "snapping fingers" sound effect was only temporary and was supposed to be replaced. We just never found a sound we liked better. I did the "talking part" as a joke. We never had plans to leave it in, but when we took it out, we missed it. So it stayed. Now, after a decade, the label wanted to go back in and re-mix and re-master this song, but in honor of Tommy, I decided "My Love" should appear on this record just the way it appeared on the Crush record...thirteen years ago.

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