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  • August 13, 1997

    Geoffrey Peake, Chief Guide of the Hide Away Canoe Club (HACC) writes:

    GEOFF PEAKE  It's dark now, but I can still see the silhouette of the Pyramid hills against the last glow of light in the sky. We are camped above the river at the end of the noisy set of rapids I can plainly hear now. I can also hear the low hum of the raft of mosquitoes parked outside of our tent door just hoping for the slightest opening to slip through. I have some brownies baking just outside here--well, actually not REALLY baking because, as you might know, we forgot our oven, so tonight I'm just cooking them in a frying pan with a lid on it at a slow heat--So far it's worked really well for bread. The brownies are just about ready but everyone is they'll never know if a few pieces are missing. The great thing is I can write in this journal that I ate the whole thing and no one here will know because they don't check what I've written.
     Well, it's been a great day. We have paddled many miles on many northern river and today comes as close to being perfect as we are likely to expect in Ungava. The combination of bright sunshine, miles of runnable rapids, and exquisite scenery are the sort of things you dream about when planning a river trip. Today the dream became real. From Wedge Hills this morning we paddled in strong current almost non-stop for over 50 km. The river dropped a third of the total drop from Indian House Lake to Ungava in that stretch. The speed of the current was such that we covered almost all of that distance before lunch. I don't really have much more to add to that except to echo what Peter Brewster said about today being the kind of day we got into canoeing in the first place. Even as I write, large bands of high clouds have moved in from the west; I would be quite surprised if we had the same sort of day tomorrow. You won't hear me complaining, though, if it's crummy tomorrow. What we had today will more than compensate for a day of rain.
     This evening the CANOE web site sent us a substantial packet of comments and questions via email. We thoroughly enjoy reading them. We'd like to thank the many people who have sent us their contributions to the site. Since I am the last to finish writing, no one ends up reading my 'copy', so it's not hard to think you are writing into some kind of void and that no one ever reads the stuff you write (sort of like a freshman english essay). We're glad that so many people are enjoying the site and like following our progress--that's what we intended from the start. Just keep those comments and questions coming...We'll do our best to reply to them.
     Well, the brownies are done now, and they taste fabulous. I'm off to bed--just don't tell anyone about the brownies; it can be our little secret...

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