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    Great Heart. A History of a Labrador Adventure  Great Heart. A History of a Labrador Adventure. By James West Davidson and John Rugge. Originally published byViking Penguin 1988 and in 1997 re-issued by McGill-Queen's University Press, 389pp $22.95. ISBN: 0-7735-1657-3
     This superb book tells the story of the three expeditions down the George River in the early part of the century. It turns out the real hero in all this was their guide - George Elson. Read the Che-Mun review.
     The Lure of the Labrador Wild. By Dillon Wallace. Published by Fleming H Revell Co. New York. 339pp, 1905.
     The original book on the fateful Hubbard expedition. It was a bestseller but angered Hubbard's widow.
     A Woman's Way Through Unknown Labrador. By Mrs. Leonidas Hubbard Jr. [Mina Hubbard]. Publ. by The McClure Company, New York, 305pp. 1908.
     Mina Hubbard's tale of her historic trip down the George River in 1905.
     The Long Labrador Trail. By Dillon Wallace.Published by Fleming H Revell Co. New York. 308pp. 1907.
     Wallace's version of his race against Mrs. Hubbard and the incredible hardships endured in getting to the end of the George and then back home by dogsled.

    30 years on - Coffin and the George

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