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     Heard the interview on CBC Radio this morning and wanted to let you know that this Yarker-ite (near Kingston, Ontario) found the prospect of the trip interesting and captivating, and this is from someone who doesn't much care for camping!
     I hope the remainder of the trip is intriguing, challenging, safe and full of good weather. And by all means, don't dump the sat. com. phone in the river!
     J P Kennedy

    Did you find another stove or jury rig some way of baking your bread? We and our friends are appreciating your daily updates. Continued success with your journey. Jim and Ellen, San Diego California
    Will you guys really get this?? Astonishing if you do. Heard you, Michael, on the CBC this a.m., but was frustrated by the host's dumb questions - all about technology, and not about the trip. Read Geoff's and Peter B's logs, and was a very nervous auntie when I read that the 2 Peters had a near bad mishap. You be careful, Peter Scott and all of you for that matter. When, if ever will we get an account from you, Peter Scott? Hope you aren't fighting! XXOO Attie
    We listened to you on CBC North this a.m.,(they forgot to give out your website). Great pics!! Keep on truckin', and stay safe.
    Wayne & Wendy Ashton, Espanola, Ont.
    Heard Michael on CBC this morning - When they FINALLY gave out Internet address I checked you out and am facinated by your adventurous spirit and courage (not to mention your ability to tolerate mosquitos!!!) I look forward to reading your daily journals and wonder if Geoffrey will share his recipe for baking bread in a frying pan :-) Good luck, fine weather and safe journey.
    J. MacDonald, Antigonish, Nova Scotia.
    Every morning I am checking your website to read about your previous day's adventures on the George river. Growing up in Newfoundland, I was "forced" to read Lure of the Labrador Wild as a required text in high school. Being born in Labrador, and enjoying the wilderness as I do, there was some romantic attachment with Hubbard's journey. Now I'm working in Boston, and you're making me frightfully homesick. Keep up the good work.
    Bruce Culleton
    I've listened to you guys at the Maine Canoe Symposium...what's your latest remedy for Black Flies? Do the world a great service...solve this problem. Thanks for sharing this great canoe experience with us all.
    Stan Kaslusky, Westfield NJ
    We here in the Ottawa Valley (Perth, ON) were so excited about, first finding this site on the net and then to learn all about your adventures. This is the best site ever on the net for us and we will certainly be checking you out every day from now to the end of your trip. What an experience and what an awesome river the George must be. Wow! We'd really like to know more about the wild life you see along the way and how is the temperature there. Was that not a tornado you photographed on Aug. 3rd? Have a great trip and do be careful!
    Lois Hudson, Gwen Hudson and Dan Hogan
    Did you really forget your oven!!?? How is the improvisation working? This trip is certainly a weird mix of technology and canoe travel, and I'm fascinated with the daily updates. I certainly can't imagine that it's a lot of fun portaging all of those pelican cases of equipment and batteries and electronic whatnots and gizmos. Although we don't get the CBC here in southern Maine, so we can't listen, we'll cerainly keep watching, and vicariously participate in the trip.
    Have Fun...
    David Lewis
    Like many others, I caught the interview on CBC radio Tuesday morning. What an adventure! Best of luck, will be following this Website daily.
    Regards, Bob Symington,
    B.C. Forest Museum, Duncan, B.C., Canada.
    HI Peter and crew. Following you by webpage is the next best thing to being there - and we don't get sore arms !
    Absolutely fascinating, and we especially enjoy the confluence of your journey with events that happened so many years ago on the earlier expeditions - as in the photo of your friends fishing for Wallace's rifles.
    Keep those reports and photos coming - we're with you in spirit - speaking of which ... Remy Martin!!?? - Is it too late for us to take up canoeing??.
    Cheers, Jim and Karen
    It's good to see that now you have an e-mail. I was in Geneva last week and i was following your trip from my laptop computer. I'm an Innu (Montagnais) from Schefferville. Good to see that you will visit one of our traditional site: Indian House Lake (Kanuauan Atik) This place has been an important place for our people when they were looking for caribou on the George River. They were gathering around Indian House Lake to track down caribous on the river...
    A. Mckenzie, Sept-Iles
    I just wanted to write a note to tell you how much I am enjoying following along on your great adventure! Thank you for sharing it with us. I am deriving a great deal of excitement vicariously as I read about your experiences. And the photos are excellent. I find the region you are paddling through to be incredibly beautiful (of course I don't have to deal with the bugs!). I was wondering how the communications technology that you are carrying has affected the quality of your wilderness experience? Thanks again for sharing your experiences - I'm so glad I stumbled onto your website.
    Bob Hall, Spokane,WA.
    I'm enjoying your trek thro Lab. I have fished as far North as Lobstick Lake and the scenery, which few people see, is breathtaking. You lucky guys!!
    Munden D. Batstone
    Do I understand from your intro that you are following the L. Hubbard route? If so, did that party not leave from Northwest River. I lived in Labrador for 8 years and would sit at the mouth of Grand Lake to think about the Lure of the Labrador Wild. Good luck on the trip. I've flown the country several times and would love to be there in canoe. Great photos.
    Kevin Quinlan, Director of Vocational/Technical Education, University of Regina.
    Do hope you're having a great time on the George and look forward to more of your reports but I was rather shocked at the mis-information you have in your introduction. Leonidas Hubbard never laid eyes on the George on his ill-fated 1903 expedition. He died on the Susan River many miles south of you. The photos from Dillon Wallace's Lure of the Labrador Wild are also taken on the Susan.
      The canoe trip - or trips - you must be thinking of occured in 1905. The first was Mina Hubbard's expedition (she was LH's widow) and the 2d was Dillon Wallace's. Both set out from North West River on Lake Melville within a day of each other and each travelled up the Naskapi, down Lake Michikamau, etc. (now obliterated by the Smallwood Reservoir) and down the George to Ungava Bay. Mina and her team reached their destination 42 days before Wallace's by the way. Mina descibes her "toboggan ride" down the George in her book A Woman's Way Through Unknown Labrador, and Dillon describes his journey in The Long Labrador Trail.
     Anne Hart
     Centre for Newfoundland Studies, Memorial University, St. John's
     Very intrigued with your adventure. Following daily on internet. I worked from Sept Iles to Schefferville, Labrador City and Twin Falls) Churchill Falls today), for 28 years, installing and maintaining all of the initial communications facilities throughout. Owned outfitting camps and fished/hunted in the Tuktu Outfitters area over many years. Your pictures both recent and older bring back many memories of those years. Good luck.
     Norm Hagan, Wesport, On (north of KIngston on the Rideau Lakes)
    Your web page is well done and the pictures look great. I have just started following along but am enjoying the day to day commentary and photos. David and I are old buddies from Craftwood, please say Hello. Good luck and keep warm.
    Geoffrey Milligan
    -- I've heard you guys on the radio, and WOW! it sounds great. Some questions for Geoff: What's it like canoeing with Mike? Is he REALLY your brother? Can I live at your house sometime? Who is that short man in the group shot on August 2 . . is that Mike?
    Jack Foy, Lac de Slag, Que.
    (a.k.a. Sean Peake)
    Geoff, where are the digital photos of Zeke? I heard via the CBC that you forgot the Coleman oven. How ever will you survive without fresh bread...I'd love to hear how you improvise cooking your baked goodies. Paddle hard, have fun, eat your vitamins...
    Your friends on the Wet Coast
    Rob and Jaime
    G Peake for NTU Crew
    Thoroughly enjoying keeping update on your George River journey. I find it particularly interesting because I spent 28 years from Sept Iles to Schefferville, Twin Falls (Churchill Falls), Labrador City, Tuktu Outfitters area and points in between. Owned fishing/hunting camps, setup and maintained all of the original communications in this territory including radio, microwave, landline circuits, etc., living in tents and using every mode of transportation you can imagine. I thoroughly enjoyed "The Land God gave Cain". Best of luck and success.
    Norm Hagan, Westport, Ontario (on the Rideau system).
    It has come to our attention that a group of six renegade canoeists has taken up residence on a peninsula of the Moon River, south of Bala. The said group has spent the past two weeks squatting on Crown Land, taking pictures of nearby rapids and campsites, and polluting public waterways.
      Nearby residents have complained about the noise and the interference to their satellite television receivers from an unknown microwave source, probably a satellite phone. If you have any information about a group of canoeists transmitting information via microwave to an unknown location please contact the location below.
      Cpl. Norbert Clinkenboomer
     OPP, Minett Detachment
    I lived and worked in Kuujjuaq between 1986-89 and loved the place. Was fortunate to see the coast from Kuujjuaq to Killinek Island and Kuujjuaq to Saglek Bay by helicopter. I've done many camping trips, summer and winter, along the Koksoak River from the Manitou Gorge on the Caniapiscau River to the Ungava Bay and the country is magnificent and I'm definitely jealous of your expedition.
     R.Knox, Trois-Rivieres, QC
    Hi Crew-
     What a superb adventure! Wishing all of you the very best luck- enjoying the pictures - you are doing all of us proud!
     Ginny, Westport, Ontario
    My name is Craig and I live in Goose Bay Labrador. I know what you are saying about fast weather changes. Don't you want to laugh at other people in some parts of Canada when they say "If you don't like the weather wait five minutes." They should all experience a true north, strong and free. Good Luck!
    For people who have just crossed Canada by car, from Saint John, N.B., and back, staying in motels, and eating in restaurants, we have tremendous admiration for your courage and enthusiasm. Good luck with the rest of your trip!
    Sincerely, Ruth and Roger Steed
    Hello Explorers! Just sitting in the library at Northwest River checking out your progress, and wondering if you have any thoughts on the first Wallace-Hubbard expedition. We'd appreciate a message from you to keep in our Labrador archives. Good wishes from N.W.R. Isobel Watts .
    Have just spent an hour cruising your website -- great pictures. Spent many happy hours fishing/canoeing in and around Schefferville over 25 years ago when I.O.C. was in operation. Can remember QNS&L shipping over 13 million tons of iron ore south to Sept-Iles during the brief summer mining season. Hope Peter will have at least one picture taken for fishing enthusiasts before he releases it! Bill Crowson, Canning, N.S.
    I was so hoping that you would be able to provide daily photos of your surroundings - how about a polaroid and a fax in your collection of equipment?? (of course, I realize it's more complicated that this...)
    Gwendolyn Addison
    We have enjoyed the web site! For those of us stuck in hazy Toronto, it is a great escape! However, on behalf of everyone at Branksome Hall School, we must protest the dearth of information on our delegate, Tom Stevens. Is our "gunnel-grabber" safe and sound?
    Best of luck to you all on your adventure!
    Peake boys and the rest of the team,
    From one Pro-Staffer (Maine Canoe Symposium) to another. I've been following your trip with great interest and an appropriate amount of Envy. I only have one comment - Where are your canoe poles? You have not mentioned them yet - Surely you are not using paddles exclusively !! What will Harry R think?
    I know you must curse that 1000 lbs of hi-tech computer/satelite gear at times but believe me, the rest of us paddlers are pleased to be able to follow you along day by day via the Net. Keep up the good work guys! Many members of Canoe New Brunswick are following your progress and we wish you well.
    Greetings from Montreal! What kind of Single Malt Whiskey did you take with? Hope that you recovered from the inclement weather & that you have managed to read parts of Tom Clancy's book, we have it on loan from our library. Will look forward to hearing more about your trip on CBC radio with Terry McLeod.
    Greetings from The Berrys.
    That was George Elson. Just finished reading the new edition of Great Heart (West Davidson and Rugge). It makes one heck of a good read. I am originally from Rigolet, presently a law student at Dalhousie. Bert Blake would be a relative. Must admit I read Great Heart more than once, also the other books by Wallace and Mina. This whole story of 1903 and 1905 has been a fascinating journey.
    Here b'y is a question for you:
    Wondering where your point of departure was? Also did you get to view Lake Hope as featured in the Lure and Great Heart? Caribou?
    Good luck, good paddling and I look forward to hearing from .
    Bill Flowers
    Following your trip with tremendous interest. One almost wishes he/she were there.
    Two questions....What do you do for drinking water?
    Boil? Treat?
    How much is needed per person per day?
    Your constant companions on the internet:
    Ron & Janet Brace, Collingwood Ont.
    Hi, I was listening to CBC this morning (they *finally* gave out the web address) and you mentioned that the weather didn't permit you to travel yesterday. What do you do when the weather is bad? Did you take some computer games with you on your laptop?
    -Ian Lipchak, North York, ON
    PS: I was canoeing in Algonquin Provincial Park last weekend.
    The web site of the George River expedition has immediately become my favourite! I am following your progress daily. The pictures of this alluring country are just great and make one yearn to go there, too! The presentation of the web site is very professionally made.
    It is admirable that you are lugging all this extra gear along and, after a hard day braving the wind and waves and bugs, still have the energy to type every evening your report to share your adventures with us, thousands of miles away. Thank you!
    Keep up the good work, have fun!
    Hans Wiedemar, Berne, Switzerland
    Are the yellow packs attached to the ends of the canoes, floatation devices, navigation aids or are they the battery rechargers? Do the same two always paddle the same canoe, or do you take turns with the 20 footer?
    Was it considered to take a third middle paddler to help push the 20 footer along?
    Great story, i liked the picture of the flower.
    Dean L Wainwright Mt Tremblant Quebec , an old algonquin park tripper
    Hi Michael and all HACC members. I was on a trip of my own and just got back to Che-Mun and your web site. I wish I had started sooner. I did the DePas and George with Gordon Lightfoot and Rob Caldwell in the 80s, It was a fantastic experience and led the way to many more northern river trips for friends and myself.
    Anne and I enjoyed seeing you all at the Maine Canoe Symposium again this year and look forward to your slides next year. Those cinnamon buns were delicious too.
    Best of luck and I hope that weather turnaround of yeaterday has brought you some more normal conditions for the rest of your trip. I would be interested in knowing whether or not the growth in the number of sporting camps along the river has decreased the enjoyment of the George as a wilderness trip. There were only 4 when we did it.
    Happy paddling, Bill Zeller
    Hi Michael,
    What a great treat to get home and check you guys out online!
    I was told that it was a weather station on the west shore of Indian House lake. Another great place for a hike is on the east shore across from Wedge Point. About six miles est of the large sand beach on the east shore is a bluff that faces north. For the 7 years I have canoed the George there has always been an active Gryfalcon nest there. Its a beautiful hike along the esker that runs east west beside the river that flows in opposite Wedge Point. in 1995 there was also a wolf den along the esker.
    Say hi to Pierre Paquet at George River Lodge and Bob May at Pyramid Hills Camp.
    Our expert here thinks that was a River Beauty or Willowherb not a rhododendron. We'd hate to have you misleading folks.
    Just returned from the Soper River, a terrific trip complete with blinding snowstorm, lots of caribou and wolves.
    Great Pictures. If you need help in George River with your canoes contact Jean Guy St Aubin, he has been a great help to us if you see him give him my best as well, also Mike at the airport. Have a terrific rest of the trip.
    Greg Shute
    You might want to know that though the CBC forgot to give out your website, they do provide it when one emails them to ask. Great pics & notes (though the flies are less than photogenic). safe journey
    myles genest, wolfville, ns
    Michael; heard you yesterday on the radio. Was great to feel that connected. Glad David came through with the goodies. Give him my best regards.
    Paul Epp
    Thrilled reading your live reports! My daughter and I understand what you are doing because we tackled the Kesagami River in 1984 with Ron Reid and Janet Grand. It was 80 miles in 12 days of portages, liftovers and linings with a drop of 850' in the first 40 miles. We pretty well had to cut some 24 portages to get through! A previous descent was in late 1960's by Terry Damm , an MNR person, and a Xavier Bird. Before that, Bell in 1903 took one look, it is said, and turned back at the discharge of Lake Kesagami into the river because of the rapids.
    Hubbard also travelled where J.M. Bell had explored and it was Bell's map which may have led him astray.
    Our trip is recorded in Ron and Janets' book "Canoeing Ontario's Rivers", and in my report to the Ontario MNR(I can send you ba copy if you would be interested). I wonder if others have attempted this river since 1984?
    Good paddling to you all!
    Rob Gurr, Mount Royal, Quebec
    Hello from the Northwest Territories.
    How wonderful to be able to watch your progress on the George via the Internet. Your journals are most interesting! Have you run across any other paddlers? More specifically a group of four from Albi, France who left a few days before you, but who were planning a longer trip than you are. Patrick and Valerie Clerc and their brother Henri and his wife Christine. Pass on our greetings if you do. Enjoy the rest of your trip, we will!
    Sandra and Don Jaque, Fort Smith
    Thrilled reading your live reports! My daughter vand I understand what you are doing because we tackled the Kesagami River in 1984 withy bRon Reid and Janet Grand. It was 12 days of portages, lift overs and linings over 80 miles with a drop of 850' in about 40 miles. We pretty well had to cut some 24 portages to get through! A previous descent was in 1962 by an Ontario MNR person and a Cree guide. Before that, Bell at the end of the 1800's took one look it is said, and turned back from the discharge of Lake Kesagami into the river because of the rapids.
    Hubbard also travelled where Bell had explored and it was Bell's map which may have led him astray.
    Our trip is recored in Ron and Janets' book "Canoeing Ontario's Rivers", and my report to the MNR entitled "12 Days on the Kesagami".( Can send you a copy if interested) I wonder if any aothers have attempted the Kesagami since 1984.
    Good paddling to you all!
    Rob Gurr, Mount Royal, Quebec
    Have a great trip; I'm envious! Are there more portages above or below Indian House Lake?
    Hi Gang,
    Golly it has been great reading your journals, visiting the web site etc. Many of us really appreciate your carrying all that extra gear and writing about each day. I must admit that I am a bit envious and wish I were with you instead of here at the computer.
    What are your thoughts about what appear to be high water marks a hundred meters or so up the Pyramid Hills. It looked to me when I was there that the sea was once at that level and I believe Bob May said that they had found Inuit sites by them dating back several thousand years.
    Happy paddling and exploring,
    Bill Zeller
    Hi Michael, Peter, and crew,
    We all envy you for being out in the place which we all dream of visiting.
    Thanks for keeping the spirits of Eric Morse, Elliot Merrick, and good 'ole R.M. alive for us. Hope you have more perfect days, followed close behind by perfect evenings and well baked bread!
    Henry Leparskas, London, Ontario
    I have been popping in and out this summer checking your website when I arrive back home. Jaime and I are just back from bugless family paddling trip in the over-crowded Gulf Islands. I wonder which kind of bug is worse, the sailboat in the channel playing Madonna or the black flies you are dealing with. I am sure of your answer. As I have never been to Northern Quebec I wonder how Jaime and I would deal with the hordes of the northern pests you must prevail against.
    I added your site to my 'favorite' hit list and have been getting more and more worried/concerned, as only the original Aug 4 entry would come up. Today I am breathing easier as I have just discovered the use of the Refresh Button. I am glad you found a new oven (thanks for the laugh), but am saddened that you are almost out of Single Malt. Your journal entries are great. I could almost feel myself drifting off to sleep, hearing the clack of keys with the faint smell of frying brownies wafting from your tent, content in the knowledge that you are taking care of the snack factor...
    Rob and Jaime on the Sunny Wet Coast
    Do you really expect us here at The Sun, who are slaving from day to day to get a paper together while you guys breathe real air, eat real food, and battle the elements, do you actually expect us to believe a giant bear came strolling through your campgrounds and DIDN'T find the scotch? By the looks of all you (fit) guys, the bear wouldn't have had a chance. We're all enjoying your adventures. It's a real trip in itself to hook up and watch your travels.
    Nancy Stewart, TorSun
    P.S. I give up, why is Mike Peake not in any pics??
    Hi Guys
    Are you sure that it was a grizzly bear that you had a close encounter with, and not a brown black bear? George River is considerably outside of grizzly bear range in Canada and if indeed you had a grizz, this would be a significant event!
    Vivian Banci
    G'day from Port Sydney, Muskoka...Have enjoyed your trip daily and wud like to pass on a wee saying to keep spirits high as the trip winds down. The pic of the bottle of Remy has prompted me to share some of our canoeing lore, although our drink of choice is Yukon Jack any throat burner will do. So without any dis-service to Robert Service here goes:
    "It's the great, big, broad land 'way up yonder,
    It's the forest where silence has lease,
    It's the beauty that thrills me with wonder,
    It's the stillness that fills me with peace."
    Pass the Jack (or Remy)!
    Good Luck, Be Safe...looking forward to the next trip.
    Regards, Mav.
    What a great web site to follow. I have tried to follow you site daily but I am usually on the go with work and my kayaking (white water).
    I would like to know how you judge the rapids that you would run or portage. what is the class of rapids that would be runable with the amout of gear and I guess the type of gear that you are taking with you to keep us all informed of trip. Do you run rapids as teams or each base there options on there equipment load and expierence?
    P.S. How were the brownies baked in a frying pan?
    Have a great trip.
    George River Crew: Your daily journals have been a great reading experience. My family and I took our trip early this year, (end of June early July) so we are enjoying the vicarious paddle down the George. It is amazing what technology can do!
    Our crew has a slightly different make-up than yours, four daughters, my wife and me. Although we haven't been above the 60th we have take aggressive trips for a young family. Such rivers as the Otoskwin, Pineimuta, and North French.
    Someday we would like to head farther north, but for now it is a thrill to be able to read about your travels down the George.
    John Clement Toledo, Ohio (Chemun Subscriber)
    Delighted to hear you can flavour your Oban with intreated water. Highland Park responds well to same treatment.
    Legal note - since when does OPP jurisdiction extend to Labrador? (ref OPP Minett alert). Surely the RCMP (North East Unmounted) still reigns supreme..... or have you turned significantly left somewhere?
    Just finished reading it. Wonderful book. I have also read the others. I am a Rigolet native and those stories always fascinated me.
    What was your take off point? Caribou?
    Is your team planning to publish anything.
    Great Heart would make a wnderful movie! Good luck and paddling!
    Bill Flowers
    Boy do I envy you guys! Your trip brings back memories of a planned trip which did not get off the ground.
    I too tried to pull off the George River four years ago. To think that Rev Peter Scott is among your crew makes the charting of your trip that much more enjoyable. I am in my fourth year as church warden at Saint George's Anglican ( Moncton Parish) New Brunswick. Question? You are yet to encounter Helen's Falls, how much of an inconvenience will she cause, how close to the actual drop can you get before your portage begins and how long of a portage taking into account the rapids which exist? Good paddling and may God be with you. Ken Arbeau
    Betty Gauthier of Saskatoon again...where are your wives through all of this trip. Do any of them partake in wilderness camping and tripping. Of course David, Peter B. and Tom don't have to answer unless they have a significant other to tell us about.
    Fried Brownies eh! Well you'd better keep your day job...I don't think the colesterol cops would approve of that recipie.
    Have a great days guys!
    Greetings from Montreal again! We were delighted to hear from you & hope that you will receive this message also. What a day you had on Aug. 14th.! That will surely be recorded in your "memory bank" in CAPITAL LETTERS. Hope that the remainder of your trip will be more peaceful so that you can enjoy the spectacular scenery. The photographs are fantastic.
    By the way, you may consider taking Glenlivet with you next time although I am not sure how the bears would react to that since it is considered one of the best single malts.
    Presume that that was a brownie which was being devoured, the facial expression says it all - it was good!
    Next time, you might want to try the following recipe which was demonstrated by James Beard on his T.V. Show. (Since we do not have T.V. our choice, we sometimes watch when we are away.)
    1 cup cornmeal METHOD; Mix cornmeal,flour,milk,sugar
    1 cup flour & baking powder. Mix egg,oil
    1 teaspoon baking powder & water, add to dry
    3 tablespoons dried milk ingredients & mix.
    3 " brown sugar Bake in a covered frying pan
    2 " oil for 20 minutes on the top of
    1 egg a stove or in the oven for 20
    1 cup water minutes at 375 degrees F.
    N.B. A little salt can be added if desired.
    Thanks again for sharing your adventure with us, not as good as "being there" even with the booze in the yellow tent but------- Salut
    The Berrys
    Hi Geoff, Mike, Dave, Peter, Peter, and Tom
    We follow you every morning and then check in again just before bed. Your journals, pictures, and the messages coming in form the ritual of our day. It's really quiet wonderful to follow all the little and big events of each day. We miss you at Hide-Away and Brenna can't wait to go to the crib! I'm glad I'm not in those rapids! Stay upright.
    Hey Geoff, when are you going to write that book?
    Love from those of us holding down the camp at Hide-Away xxoo
    Bring on the bears and the wild rapids! Assuredly adrenalin producing adventures for you and delightful reading for us. Thanks for taking technology and hence, all of us readers on your journey. In closing, you have not shared any comments about the night skies - are the stars magnificent? Can you see Jupiter and her moons?
    Best, Jim and Ellen in San Diego
    I have been thoroughly enjoying daily logs and photos. Unfortunately, I am unable to take a trip this year after many years. Pictures from the banks of the George R. seem almost as incredible as pictures from Mars - certainly far more interesting. Wishing you well in the final days. Thought you might like this quote. "Everyone should take two trips into the wilderness each year, each of six months duration." Ernest Thompson Seton.
    S. Braun, Oakville.
    Hey guys,
    Looks like you are having lots of fun on your picturesque journey! I'm reading all the journal entries and was wondering when the Rev. Peter Scott was going to write something??
    Ryan Smith
    It has been wonderful to follow this trip, I look forward to your daily reports.
     Technology is wonderful, even with the problems you encounter. Have a nice trip home.
    As the personal trainer of Mr. Brewster, I must take exception to his self described "lean" physique during the incident with the bear--actually the QPP reported that it was merely a large Newfoundland dog with a penchant for brownies. I can attest, that if it weren't for his truss and back brace, he would truly be an all-round journalist.
     Vic Tanney, Toronto

     Hello Michael, This is Monty Armstrong. Donny has set up an email account for me and Audrey and we have been following your trip on On-River On-line since the beginning.
     It has been a remarkable experience sharing this adventure with you and your team.
     Every success to you and your team and we are looking forward to hearing all about it personally as and when you are finished with the exciting white water and want to have a quiet visit in Stouffville.
     Love to you and Marg and Tommy
     Monty and Audrey.
    Hello voyageurs,
     I led a group of six paddlers down the George in 1986. To me the George is a sacred place. I am sure that you have heard the Hydro Quebec is considering diverting the headwaters of the George to replenish its James Bay reservoir system. What is your comment on that? Back in 1992, the Anglican Church of Canada took a strong position against the second phase of the James Bay Project, as did the sibling Episcopal Church of the USA. Would you be willing to tour on behalf of the integrity of the George River or are you guys just out there to have a little fun?
     Steve MacAusland
     Episcopal Environmental Coalition
    My husband, having read your list of sponsors, is now concerned that you are adding Clorox products(which have their place!) to the Remy Martin.
     Say it isn't so!
    No question, just a sincere thanks for many enjoyable sessions of reading about your wonderful trip and viewing the superb photo record of it. There is no question as to whether the electronic equipment was out of place: I'm sure many thousands of people profited - mentally and spiritually - from your efforts.
      I for one hope you will do the same again sometime in the future.
     Art Kennedy
     Hi guys! I am a Canadian working and slogging in hot and sweaty Singapore and I just wanted to say that I loved your reports. Being way over here for almost two years now, I appreciated the adventure and memories you reminded of. I long to get home and do something like you have done but for now the reports were like letters from home, the pictures like postcards.
     Thanks again,
     Micheal Darud.
     I finally found your site - by surfing. the CBC were exremely remiss with giving out your web-site. Each time they stated that it would follow but never did. So I gave up listening for it-and of course they eventually gave it out!
      This the most fascinating adventure this year. It makes all the PBS events seem like a stroll in the park.
     The technology was most innovative.
     Very well done, (I'm full of envy)
     Keith Woolnough
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