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    The Hide-Away Canoe Club was founded in 1981 and has been canoeing historic canoe routes in Canada's north almost every year since. In 1985, as part of a 1000 mile, 55-day trip, they named a river after Eric Morse, the dean of Canadian wilderness canoeists, while he was still alive. The group's regular crew consists of the four Peake brothers -- Michael, David, Sean and Geoffrey, the Rev. Peter Scott, Peter Brewster, Andrew Macdonald and this year, Tom Stevens. In the last 16 years they have paddled thousands of miles of wilderness waters from the Yukon to Ungava. Click here for a list of all of the The Hide-Away Canoe Club trips.

    Geoffrey Peake, 36, is a counsellor with Coastline Challenge and makes his living in the outdoors of rugged Vancouver Island where he leads delinquent youth on wilderness expeditions to encourage leadership and responsibility. An expert solo paddler and wilderness cook, Geoffrey is the on-water leader of the group. He lives in Merville on Vancouver Island with his wife and two children, five and three. Geoffrey Peake
    Michael Peake, 45, staff photographer with the Toronto Sun newspaper where he has worked since 1975, winning the National Newspaper Award for photography in 1986. He also publishes Che-Mun, the Journal of Canadian Wilderness Canoeing. Along with Geoffrey, Michael is featured in two episodes of the current PBS show Anyplace Wild which debuted in June 1997. Michael is married and has an 18-month-old son. Michael Peake
    David Peake, 43, is Project Manager with Craftwood in Toronto, makers of custom wood furniture. David was the last of the four Peake brothers to join the northern paddling group. As Quartermaster, he is the one who dries and prepares much of the great food which is a hallmark of HACC trips. David is single and lives in Toronto. David Peake
    The Reverend Peter J.C. Scott, 36, is an Anglican Priest who is presently serving as Rector of St. James Anglican Church in Port Colborne, Ontario. Peter was one of the original members of the group who began paddling north together in 1981. And he was part of the group that did the George in 1983 which also included Michael and Geoffrey Peake and Peter Brewster. Peter is married and the father of a three year old girl. Reverend Peter J.C. Scott
    Peter Brewster, 54, is Associate Managing Editor at the Toronto Sun where he's worked for 25 years. An avid fisherman, Peter is in charge of this activity for the HACC who get to visit some of the finest fishing areas in the world on their trips. This year's highlight will be the famed and elusive Atlantic salmon who run up George River every August from Ungava Bay. Peter lives in Toronto and is not married. Peter Brewster
    Tom Stevens, 37, is a teacher at a Toronto independent school. He loves sports and has recently added wilderness canoeing to his list of activities. This is his first HACC trip but he has known the Peakes and Peter Scott for most of his life. He is single and lives in Toronto. Tom Stevens

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