xx 'It was a dark and stormy night....'
Everyone has seen a movie that has scared them silly. Sometimes, as we grow older, we feel more silly than scared at what frightens us. Nevertheless, some movies leave an indelible mark on our memories and a few raised hairs on the back of our neck. They certainly left an impression on CANOE's resident horror guru, John Powell. He compiled a list (admittedly personal) of his version of the TOP 50 HORROR FLICKS. We think it's a reasonable list, so register your vote by selecting your top FIVE from this list (in no particular order).
Halloween Psycho
Night Of The Living Dead (1968) Dawn Of The Dead
Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn Creepshow
Re-Animator The Mummy (1932 - Karloff)
Frankenstein (1931- Karloff) Son Of Frankenstein
Halloween 2 The Wolf Man
Friday The 13th Friday The 13th: Part 4 (The Final Chapter)
Evil Dead Hellbound: Hellraiser 2
Psycho 2 Hellraiser
Fright Night A Nightmare On Elm. Street
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Return Of The Living Dead
The Horror Of Dracula (Christopher Lee) Dracula (1931- Bela Lugosi)
Dracula Has Risen From The Grave (Christopher Lee.) King Kong (1933)
The Thing (1982 - John Carpenter) Tenebrae
Deep Red: The Hatchet Murders Carrie
Suspiria From Beyond
Aliens The Bride Of Frankenstein
Alien Phantom Of The Opera (1925 - Lon Chaney Sr.)
Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde (1932 - Frederic March) The Mummy (1959 - Christopher Lee)
The Exorcist Carnival Of Souls
The Haunting The Black Cat (1934)
Jaws The Fly (1958 - Vincent Price)
Freaks The Invisible Man (1933 - Claude Rains)
The Fly (1986 - David Cronenberg) Friday The 13th: Part 6 (Jason Lives)
Army Of Darkness: Evil Dead 3 Phantasm