What's your favourite haunt?

Who can resist the lure of a good scary movie or monster? Or the chance to vote for your favourite? We have two polls to measure the public's monster taste -- your top monster of all time and your top five horror movies. Selections are limited, but we think we have a good cross-section. So vote! Or else....

Scary Monsters Poll

Now, here's a few faces only a mother could love. What's your choice for the scariest monster of all?

Alien (Alien film series)
Norman Bates (Psycho)
Chucky (Child's Play)
The Creature From The Black Lagoon
Count Dracula
Frankenstein's Monster
The Invisible Man
Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
King Kong
Freddy Krueger (Nightmare On Elm Street)
Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)
The Mummy
Herman Munster
Michael Myers (Halloween)
Phantom Of The Opera
Pinhead (Hellraiser)
Jason Voorhees (Friday 13th)
The Wolf Man