xx Wednesday, October 29, 1997

Hexes and the Sexes

Fun spells for Halloween

By KIM COVERT -- Canadian Press

 TORONTO -- This Halloween, says a witch who should know, will be a marvellous night for a broom dance.

 It will be the night of the new moon, which is a time for new beginnings, and Halloween is the time when witches believe the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest, so it's good for communication. And the broom dance -- for women only -- is perfect for both of those things.

 Never done a broom dance?

 Basically, says Lexa Rosean in her new book, The Supermarket Sorceress's Sexy Hexes (St. Martin's Paperbacks, $12.50), you play some sexy music and dance with a broom while making a wish. It's a little more complicated than just dancing -- there is frenzy involved, both physical and mental -- but it's good for what ails you if you've been unlucky in love.

 If you do it properly, Rosean writes, it can help you "to invoke a better sexual partner, to change the energy between you and your existing partner, or just to help you explore your own depths of desire."

 What spells are best on Halloween night?

 "That would be an excellent time to do a soulmate spell ... Sean's Love Spell is a good one because that's for finding a soulmate and apples are very Halloweeny."

 Sean's Apple Love Spell involves candles -- pink, the color of sexual attraction -- and an apple -- red, the color of true love. Beginning on the new moon, light a candle and drip wax onto the apple for one minute. Continue every night until the full moon, then wipe the wax off and eat the apple.

 "You will then find your one true love," writes Rosean, adding that the spell could be repeated if no one special has entered your life after a year.

 "General rule of thumb for those patient magicians is to have confidence in the first performance and wait up to one year (a full lunar cycle) for your wish to be granted."

 Rosean, a practitioner of the witchcraft known as Wicca since 1982, says all the spells in the book, which concentrate on love and lust, are tried and true.

 The beauty of Sexy Hexes and Rosean's previous book, The Supermarket Sorceress, is that people who want to try the spells don't have to go shopping for eye of newt and toe of frog. And there's no standing around a cauldron chanting "boil and bubble" either.

 The ingredients are readily available at your local supermarket, and the spells seem tailored to fit a busy lifestyle.

 Rosean says she's found that in the 15 years she's worked at Enchantment, a store in New York that caters to witches, it can be hard to find traditional ingredients at the drop of a pointy black hat. Mugwort, apparently, doesn't grow on trees.

 There is a tradition of "kitchen witchery," which Rosean says is basically what her Supermarket Sorceress is all about. She believes that there is magic in everything.

 "I believe that food and everything has an energy and a magical property," she says. "But I also believe that they're keys or symbols to trigger our own subconscious power, so it's important that you yourself are open and in the proper state of mind to do the magic. But then it also helps if the universal timing is correct."

 One thing that's important is to keep an eye on the moon.

 "What you want is to work with the energy of the planets, so if the moon is growing and increasing then light is increasing, so it's an easier time for us magically to bring things into the light," says Rosean.

 "Whereas when the moon is waning from full to new the light is decreasing, so that's a better time to get rid of obstacles."

 Rosean could be on to something with these love potions because she's soon to be married. When asked if she used her magic to enchant the lucky guy, she laughed.

 "You could say so."


 Lexa Rosean's new book, The Supermarket Sorceress's Sexy Hexes, is full of spells to find or keep a lover. All of the ingredients can be found in the home or supermarket. These are a few of her tried and true hexes:

 Sean's Apple Love Spell

 Ingredients: Pink candles, red apple.

 This spell is an old Spanish love spell. On the new moon take a pink candle, light it, and drip the wax onto a red apple. Do this for one minute an then extinguish the candle. Continue to drip wax on the apple every night until the moon is full. On the full moon, peel the pink wax drippings off the apple and bite into it. You will then find your one true love.

 Promised Land

 Ingredients: Raisins, almonds, milk, honey.

 This spell is to bring about a relationship with a soulmate, someone with whom you will feel a divine connection. Eat raisins and almonds with a glass of warm milk with a teaspoon of honey stirred in. If you want to know if someone specific is your soulmate, before retiring drink a glass of warm milk with a teaspoon of honey stirred in. Place three raisins and three almonds under your pillow. Your dreams will reveal the answer to your question.

 Riding the Broomstick Spell

 Ingredients: A broom.

 The broomstick spell is for women only. It is performed to increase your own sexual pleasure. It will free your tantric spirit to help you attain pleasure with yourself or with the assistance of a partner. You can do this spell to invoke a better sexual partner, to change the energy between you and your existing partner, or just to help yourself explore your own depths of desire.

 On a full moon (or new moon), you will straddle the broom and make a wish. It's as simple as that. Put on your favorite music or music that makes you feel sexually open, and dance with the broom. I encourage you to perform this spell in front of a partner, as it can only help to tune your partner to your needs. You must work up a sweat dancing with the broom and at the same time work your wish up in your mind to a frenzy. Finally, release the energy, bow to the broom and thank it.