About Canoe.ca

CANOE.CA (Canadian Online Explorer), has developed into Canada's leading news and information site since launching on March 4, 1996.

CANOE.CA offers three tiers of content

  1. There are our Web-only brands: CNEWS, JAM! Showbiz, SLAM! Sports, Lifestyle, Travel, Tech, CHealth and AUTONET.

  2. There are exclusive online editions of traditional daily newspaper favorites like the Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Calgary Suns, and the London Free Press.

  3. There is a broad range of applications and services, including national TV and movie listings, daily weather, stock market and sports scoreboard updates, horoscopes, lottery results, comics, crosswords, travel.

Staffed around the clock, CANOE.CA provides news and information, including photos and data from Canada and around the world. It's information you can't get elsewhere, and best of all it's put together by Canadians for Canadians.

CANOE.CA is also interactive. It features regular contests and an abundance of reader forums, polls and other feedback opportunities.

Finally, CANOE.CA is a free service which looks to advertising as its principal source of revenue. With more than 25,000,000 page views per month, CANOE.CA continues to develop the traffic numbers sufficient to be Canada's leading player in the national marketplace.

Our Address

333 King St. E.,
Toronto, ON, Canada
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