How to Advertise

CANOE.CA Advertising

A CANOE.CA advertising message provides information and entertainment, fosters a sense of community, affords an opportunity to establish and improve both customer relations and services and allows for an environment that no longer relies on a static image but becomes an interactive forum to engage your customer.

In addition, advertising on CANOE.CA adapts to current events, trends and audience interest as well as providing immediate feedback allowing advertisers to make informed, timely decisions about customer behaviour. The critical benefit however is that CANOE.CA provides advertisers the opportunity to target their specific demographics.

Why Advertise with CANOE.CA?

Advertising on CANOE.CA will...

  • Provide cost effective brand awareness
  • Strengthen your company's leadership position
  • Assist in meeting reach/frequency objectives
  • Deliver highly targetted messages
  • Provide measurable results
  • Establish and improve customer relations and services
  • Adapt dynamically to current events, trends and audience interests
  • Deliver "buying" customers to advertisers' web site
  • Supplement and reinforce advertisers' e-commmerce functions

For more information contact CANOE.CA at (416) 947-7297 or

Media Kit

You can read the kit online by clicking here.

Toronto Sales Team

  • Christine Bennett
  • Gerald Cruz
  • Cathy Fernandes, Director of Sales
  • Warren Jansons
  • Milyda Scott
  • Erin McDougald
  • Kirk Simpson, Strategic Alliances Director

Montreal Sales Team

  • Claudia Fabbro
  • Elaine Boily
  • Hugues Lavallée
  • Jean-Philippe Doucet
  • Johanne Labelle
  • Martin Courchesne, Sales Director
  • Martin Trudel, Director of local sales

Advertising in the Newspapers

To advertise in one of the Sun Media Corporations newspapers, please contact the Corporate Sales Office at 1-877-SUN TABS or contact the individual newspapers directly:

Calgary Sun - (403) 250-4220 -

Edmonton Sun - (780) 468-0181 -

London Free Press - (519) 667-5454 -

Ottawa Sun - (613) 739-7000 Ext #328 -

Toronto Sun - (416) 947-2222 -
Online Advertising -

Winnipeg Sun - (204) 632-2721 -