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If you were being recruited, what would be the most important thing you look for in your potential university?
  Exciting collegiate atmosphere
  Likelihood of playing time
  Likelihood of winning a championship
  Strong academic cirriculum

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Drew Carter
Wide Receiver
Carolina Panthers

Drew Carter could have been excused had he just once thrown up his arms, looked toward the sky and proclaimed, "Somebody up there doesn't like me!"

"Character may be manifested in the great moments, but it is made in the small ones."
- Phillip Brooks

NFL/CFL Futures Mission Statement is a grassroots football community. It is an information "hub" for amateur tackle football players, coaches, volunteers, officials, administrators and fans who care about football as much as the NFL and CFL care about football.

Our goal is to provide, free of charge, a community of shared resources that will:

  • Ensure a strong and healthy future for tackle football
  • Enhance the status of tackle football in the Canadian amateur sports landscape
  • Provide leadership and create opportunities for the organizations involved in the everyday administration and execution of amateur tackle football games -- house league, junior, high school and University -- in Canada
  • Positively impact the participation, safe play and level of competition in Canadian amateur tackle football
  • Be a resource for amateur football news, clinics and camps across Canada

    The NFL and CFL have a strong, complementary relationship. Both leagues share the goal of strengthening the interest, awareness and participation in football among Canadians.

  • Top Ten Canadians in NCAA 1A, 2006

    1. Jon Cornish, New Westminster, BC, KANSAS
    2. Jamal Westerman, Brampton, ON, RUTGERS
    3. Eric Deslauriers, Gatineau, QC, EASTERN MICHIGAN
    4. Jabari Arthur, Montreal, QC, AKRON
    5. Aaron Wagner, Lethbridge, AB, BYU
    6. Corey Mace, Port Moody, BC, WYOMING
    7. Andrew Woodruff, Victoria, BC, BOISE STATE
    8. Kevin Challenger, Montreal, QC, BOSTON COLLEGE
    9. Keith Shologon, Edmonton, AB, CENTRAL FLORIDA
    10. James Judges, Pickering, ON, BUFFALO

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