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If you were being recruited, what would be the most important thing you look for in your potential university?
  Exciting collegiate atmosphere
  Likelihood of playing time
  Likelihood of winning a championship
  Strong academic cirriculum

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Drew Carter
Wide Receiver
Carolina Panthers

Drew Carter could have been excused had he just once thrown up his arms, looked toward the sky and proclaimed, "Somebody up there doesn't like me!"

"Character may be manifested in the great moments, but it is made in the small ones."
- Phillip Brooks

Safety & Equipment

Youth tackle football is safe

The primary reason that youth tackle football exists is a simple one -- kids! Lots and lots of kids want to play it. This is in spite of fearful moms, large time commitments, the cost of playing and the challenges of finding quality programs. Even with the emergence of all the soccer leagues and organizations, tackle football (and flag football as an introductory activity) is actually growing and even exploding in some areas.

    Suggested Safety Items Parents Should Look For In A High School Athletic Program

    High School emergency plans should include an established set of action items that is implemented in the event of an emergency situation. The types of questions to ask are:
    - Who will provide emergency first?
    - Who and how will Emergency Medical Services (ENS) be summoned?
    - Who will monitor non-injured members of the team during an emergency?

  • Top Ten Canadians in NCAA 1A, 2006

    1. Jon Cornish, New Westminster, BC, KANSAS
    2. Jamal Westerman, Brampton, ON, RUTGERS
    3. Eric Deslauriers, Gatineau, QC, EASTERN MICHIGAN
    4. Jabari Arthur, Montreal, QC, AKRON
    5. Aaron Wagner, Lethbridge, AB, BYU
    6. Corey Mace, Port Moody, BC, WYOMING
    7. Andrew Woodruff, Victoria, BC, BOISE STATE
    8. Kevin Challenger, Montreal, QC, BOSTON COLLEGE
    9. Keith Shologon, Edmonton, AB, CENTRAL FLORIDA
    10. James Judges, Pickering, ON, BUFFALO

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