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If you were being recruited, what would be the most important thing you look for in your potential university?
  Exciting collegiate atmosphere
  Likelihood of playing time
  Likelihood of winning a championship
  Strong academic cirriculum

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Drew Carter
Wide Receiver
Carolina Panthers

Drew Carter could have been excused had he just once thrown up his arms, looked toward the sky and proclaimed, "Somebody up there doesn't like me!"

"Character may be manifested in the great moments, but it is made in the small ones."
- Phillip Brooks


James G. (Jim) Donlevy

BPE '59, BEd '61, MA '75

His coaching experiences began with a seven-year period in bantam football and continued for 35 years at all levels of the game. In 1961, he joined the Edmonton Huskies as an assistant coach, where over three seasons, the team won a league championship and two Canadian titles in 1962 and 1963.

A 26-year association with Golden Bear football began as an assistant coach to Gino Fracas in 1965 and he continued in that position with both Clare Drake and Harvey Scott over the next five seasons. During that time, the Bears went to the national championship twice, winning the Vanier Cup in 1967. Jim Donlevy was named head coach of the football team in 1971, and over the next decade led the Golden Bears to the College Bowl four times, in 1971, 1972, 1980, and 1981, winning the Vanier Cup in 1972 and 1980. His tenure with the Bears was interrupted for two seasons when he was seconded to the 1983 World University Games as Mayor of the Athletes Village. He returned to the head coaching job in 1984 for seven more years, before stepping down at the end of the 1990 season. During the 18-year period as head coach, his teams held an impressive win-loss record of 86-69-3. In conjunction with his coaching duties, he continued to carry a teaching load, was promoted to Associate Professor, and was active in Faculty and Department administration responsibilities.

After taking early retirement from the University of Alberta, Jim began an association with the Western Hockey League in 1992. The WHL leads the nation in maintaining a solid, consistent education policy. Now in his eleventh season as the WHL Education Consultant, Jim's continued objective is to meet the demand by players and parents for educational information, guidance, and advice. As well, he has presented numerous Education and Hockey Options Seminars for the Canadian Hockey Association throughout Western Canada.

Jim Donlevy has an extensive background in teaching and coaching at the high school and university level. This experience, along with ongoing experience in the WHL, has given him the opportunity to develop a vast network of educational colleagues throughout Canada and the United States.

October 2002

Top Ten Canadians in NCAA 1A, 2006

1. Jon Cornish, New Westminster, BC, KANSAS
2. Jamal Westerman, Brampton, ON, RUTGERS
3. Eric Deslauriers, Gatineau, QC, EASTERN MICHIGAN
4. Jabari Arthur, Montreal, QC, AKRON
5. Aaron Wagner, Lethbridge, AB, BYU
6. Corey Mace, Port Moody, BC, WYOMING
7. Andrew Woodruff, Victoria, BC, BOISE STATE
8. Kevin Challenger, Montreal, QC, BOSTON COLLEGE
9. Keith Shologon, Edmonton, AB, CENTRAL FLORIDA
10. James Judges, Pickering, ON, BUFFALO

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