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On the ball

Three dads who coach soccer gamely submitted to makeovers as our salute to Father's Day.
HEATHER TOSKAN, Special to The Free Press   2003-06-10 04:18:14  

Soccer dad coaches are busy guys. Practices, games, strategizing and tournaments can make their volunteer work almost as demanding as their full-time jobs.

They do it for the love of the game. As Larry Mote says, "I coach because I have a real passion for the game and to see the smiles on the kid's faces."

But they spend less time thinking about fashion, tending toward jeans, T-shirts, sweats and running shoes and letting their hair grow out.

As a Father's Day tribute, The Free Press arranged for makeovers for three soccer dad coaches.

- Soccer dad coach: Victor Eskildsen

- Age: 43

- Team: East London Soccer Club under-10 boys

- Occupation: Plumber pipe welder

- Makeover motivation: "My wife says that sometimes I look like I don't care how I look, so I'm willing to try for a more polished look with this makeover."

- Hair: Eskildsen's strawberry blond hair was thin on the top and sides and about three inches long at the back. Stylist Danny Carducci cut about 1 1/2 inches off the back and sides.

"I used the tips of my scissors in a technique called point cutting to achieve a modern broken look," says Carducci. "I finished the cut by cutting away bulk with texturizing shears and added soft wax to Victor's dry hair to help it hold its shape. Victor's finished hair style is an updated wash-and-wear style that will be easy for him to maintain."

- Wardrobe: "Victor is very fair, so I chose a green shirt and yellow-based tie to add life to his skin tone," says Mark Channer. "Properly fitted, tailored clothing helps to create a slim, polished look.

- Eskildsen's reaction: "The hair style looks similar to my normal style. There's only so much you can do with this hair -- or lack of it. But overall there's a positive change. . . . I think I look about 10 years younger.

"This is a nice outfit. . . . I'd wear it out to a fancy dinner or wedding."

- Soccer dad coach: Woodey Sauve

- Age: 53

- Team: Curinga Club's under-17 boys

- Occupation: Owns and runs a hot dog cart business

- Makeover motivation: "I don't want to look old and I'm ready for a change. . . . This makeover might put some life into my happy, 20-year marriage."

- Hair: Sauve's medium-textured hair was a grown-out brush cut about one inch all around with cowlicks along his hair line and at his crown.

"I cut with the cowlicks to make it easier for Woodey to manage his hair when he styles it himself," says stylist Marina McSherry.

"I cut the sides and back to a one quarter of an inch length, to help elongate his face. . . . I left the original one-inch length on the top but cut into it with shears to add texture, creating a choppy, modern hair style that will be fast and simple for Woodey to style at home."

Stylist John Baldassarre described Sauve's goatee as "very ZZ Top." He trimmed it to a contemporary quarter-inch length.

Baldassarre called Sauve's eyebrows "unruly. Eyebrows often start growing longer around age 40. I trimmed Woodey's eyebrows for a neater, cleaner look."

Colourist Georgie, who declined to give her last name, tipped the ends of Sauve's hair sandy and dark blond to add shine and texture.

"I wanted to create a contemporary sun-kissed look that was noticeable but not too dramatic to complement his youthful personality." To maintain the effect, Sauve will need to re-tip his hair every other haircut.

- Wardrobe: "Woodey is a large man. As I wanted to create a slimming look for Woodey, I avoided dressing him in bright and contrasting colours," says Channer. "The dark pants combined with the taupe shirt and jacket colours create a softer look, resulting in a slimming, unbroken body line. Taupe colours work well with Woodey's skin tones."

- Sauve's reaction: "I really like the haircut and the two-tone hair colour. It's probably the first time that someone has cut my hair to work with the cowlicks. It definitely looks better and makes me feel good about myself. They reduced my basic biker's goatee which people sometimes found a little intimidating. This looks friendlier and people see more of my face. I'm going to keep it trimmed down."

- Soccer dad coach: Larry Mote

- Age: 38

- Team: Kensall Park Youth Soccer Club under-13 boys

- Occupation: Sheet metal worker

- Makeover motivation: "I'm ready for a new hair style as long as it's low maintenance. I'm known to dry my hair by sticking my head out the car window. . . . I'd like to see the gleam in my wife, Karen's eye, when I've been made over."

- Hair: Mote's straight hair was about two inches long at the back and sides and about 1 1/2 inches long and thinning on the top.

"Larry's hair was long and full on the bottom which is not flattering as it drags his face down," says stylist Jenny Needham. "I reversed the shape of his hair, by cutting the sides short and leaving some length on top, for a less severe, more modern look."

A soft, deconstructed look was achieved by texturizing, a cutting technique that removes weight and bulk and allows for better movement. Moulding clay was worked through dry hair for enhanced texture and to add height.

Baldassarre trimmed Mote's mustache for a well-groomed look.

Colourist Ellen Reeve applied foil highlights to Mote's naturally dark brown hair. "I alternated light and dark blond foil highlights to create a natural, sun-kissed look. . . . The highlights add texture to Larry's hair and brighten his skin tone." To maintain the highlights, he will need to have them done every other haircut.

- Wardrobe: Channer chose an olive-coloured suit for Mote. "This is a great business casual outfit that is also great for going out on the town," Channer says. "Add a tie to dress it up. I chose tailored clothing in monochromatic colour to create a tall, slim look for Larry. Larry has dark features and colouring. Shades of olive work well with his skin tone."

- Mote's reaction: "Overall, this is a big change. I think my hair looks pretty cool. It makes me look a little younger and more relaxed. I've never had hair colour, but I feel comfortable with it. According to Jenny, who did a great job, I'll still be able to dry my hair by sticking my head out the car window.

"As for the wardrobe, this shirt's got too many buttons for me. But I know my wife will like it."


Photos by SUE REEVE and DEREK RUTTAN The London Free Press

- Wardrobing by Mark Channer with clothing and shoes from Channer's Men's Clothiers, 581 Wonderland Road South.

- Hair styling and colour provided by Lids Hair Design, 181 Albert St.

- Photographed on the soccer field at the German Canadian Club.

Copyright © The London Free Press 2001,2002,2003

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