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  March 18, 2016

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SLAM! Readers remember Owen

OWEN HART - 1965-1999

 The death of Owen Hart has flooded the SLAM! Mailboxes.
 More of your thoughts and prayers can be emailed to
 Condolences may be sent to:


You come to this earth on the wings of angels.

Born out of the love between man and woman.

You are not just a are but a part of the universe, you learn from what those teach and begin to give life to a world in kaos.

You dream of being a superstar,a dream that would take you far.

From within you is a heart beating with desire, nothing can ever take away that fire.

You are and will always fly lke an eagle, soar like a hawk.

You are now a superstar, now and forever more, and now you are with the greats, high in the lord's golden arena..the ultimate superstar and forever more A WINNER.

Rest In Peace in God's hands

Poem by Steve Baxley

 I have always respected his ability in the ring when I first saw him at Wrestlemania V to now. He was and always will be a man's man in the ring ... like the Blue Blazer he will sore with The Angels

Jon Tompos, Greensburg, PA

 Over the past couple of years, wrestlers have died, yet, the public doesn't seem to take much notice to it. When Adrian Adonis died, it was a one second newsflash, same with other wrestlers, including: Kerry Von Erich, Dino Bravo, Andre the Giant, Brian Pillman and most recently Rick Rude.
  I hope this freak accident, at WWF's "Over the Edge", that cost Owen Hart's life is a wake-up call for everybody... We'll all miss you Owen, you were great to the sport and will always be remembered!!!!

Paul Maes from Orangeville, Ontario

 I had met Owen myself too a few times and found him just as you described. He was a fantastic parent, a great man and one hell of a performer who will be sorely missed. That is all that needs to be said.

 I wake this early morning and after yesterday's tragedy I come to a realization. Wrestler's are not the immortal warriors we as fans perceive, and make them out, to be.
 Last night I walked into a friend's house just in time to hear the words escape from Jim Ross' lips: Owen Hart is dead. Someone in the room immediately thought it was a work. I knew it couldn't be. The world of wrestling uses many angles, including things like a heart attack, but never, EVER, mocks death.

Jayson Doak

 On Sunday, May 23rd, 1999 the wrestling world lost a great wrestler and an even greater man.
  When I called and told my friend of this incident moments after it happened last night, he said to me, "I knew this was going to happen eventually." He went on to say that all this, 'excess show,' that the WWF does every week was going to get someone killed. Personally, I wholeheartedly disagree. Owen's death was an absolute fluke, a one in a billion occurrence. This kind of thing rarely happens, and to say that the WWF should tone it down a little is preposterous. The death was likely a result of some guy who didn't get the cable hooked up right. With a little more care and caution, the WWF and for that matter the WCW, could avoid these things definitely, and never see this happen again.

Steve Evenden, Ameliasburgh, Ontario

 Why is it that talented wrestling - mat technique and aerial skills - has been superceded by spectacle? The artistry of professional wrestling has been replaced with pyrotechnics, loud music and wild entrances in the weekly game of "Can You Top This?"
 Goodbye, Owen. We thank you.

Tom Insley, Fort Erie, Ontario

 I needed to express my shock and horror at the sudden passing of one of our beloved heroes of the wrestling ring.
 I understand that it was among Mrs. Helen Hart's worst nightmares that some horrific accident should happen to one of her boys. I would imagine she thought more on the lines of permanent disabilities and not a sudden death as gut wrenching as this.
  My thoughts and prayers are with both Mrs. Harts , the children, and the rest of the Hart family in this very sad time.
 Behind the pyrotechnics ,the lights, and the masks , there are real men who somebody calls Daddy...and waits for him to tuck them into bed at night. God
 Bless them, every one.

Janet Rossetti, Montreal

 Being a Canadian, and having watched Owen when he was in Stampede wrestling, at the beginning of broadcasting of TSN, It's a sad day not only for Owen's family, not only Canada but for the whole wrestling world. He was truly a high flyer as they come and despite his size, seized every opportunity to have a great career and succeeded.

Yves Leroux

 I work for Time Warner Cable, and was watching when the tragedy occurred. I am watching the News right now. One thing that should be addressed. The WWF is not at fault for continuing the Event. I am not lying when I say three people called in demanding credit for the Whole Event! because they changed the camera *not showing Owen plunging to his death!!*
  If the WWF had cancelled the rest of the show...more people would have been hurt. I can almost guarantee there would have been people Drunk or Stupid who would have possibly thought it was a work. There may have been a has happened before.
  The wrestlers should be credited for still performing it was obvious that they were all emotionally stunned...especially Debra and Jeff, who both were crying during their interview.
  I guess we will see tonight and in the next few weeks, how well the WWF handles this tragedy. I hope it is done with caring and nobility.

David E.
 Wrestling has lost one of his finest and greatest and I hope that the promoter will learn from this and get his act together....Wrestlers are human being not invincible heroes. I am deeply sorry for what has happened and I hope that this tragedy will open some eyes..

Marc Dufour, St-Leonard,Quebec
 I am a longtime Owen Hart friend from Germany and I thought I let you share some thoughts from here.

I met Owen Hart first in May 1990, when he was wrestling in Germany for Big Otto's CWA. Since then his family and mine became really close friends (I am proud to say, that Owen was one of my closest friends I ever had in my life and ever will).

Even Owen was famous in Japan and even in the WWF as Blue Blazer he was a jobber in Germany and lost almost all his matches (at this time also Scott Hall, Charles Wright aka Godfather, Chris Benoit and Fit Finlay were wrestling for the CWA). But he was so happy that he could spend his whole time with his wife Martha (he and Martha lived almost six months every year until 1992 in trailers in Austria and Germany). Even he didn't had much money and it was a small trailer both were happy staying together and we all had a lot of fun, when I visited them at the weekends. They liked visiting the beautiful Zoo's in Austria and Germany and all the many hundred years old small towns in Nether Saxon with their old houses, castles etc.

After Owen went to the WWF and became more and more successful over the years he never changed. He always was the same nice, friendly and helpful guy I met in 1990. And he was always good for a joke. I remember when Owen introduced me to his father in the Dungeon and told him, that I don't believe the story about the "famous tape" (when Stu wrestled with a Karate fighter; of course I knew that this story was true). I found myself faster in a submission move than I could thought and my head still was red for the next hour after Stu released me from the hold.

When the WWF was touring through Germany they always give permission to Owen that he could drive with me. So sometimes we spend 10 days and more in a row (many times Owen took Martha and later also Oje and Athena Christie with him) and always had a great time.

Owen was the nicest guy you ever can imagine. Every evening after the show he called Martha. He never went to the bar for partying or going out with other women and he never drank alcohol, took drugs or even smoked a cigarette. And, of course, Owen never took steroids. He hated all of it. So we went out for a late dinner or Owen stayed in his room listening to Country music tapes (Country singer Collin Raye is a close friend of him). I can't remember, how many times we stayed in my apartment and taped Country music tapes for hours.

I am so glad, that my wife Ingrid and I went to Calgary for vacation in mid of April this year. So we spend 2 beautiful days with Owen, Martha, Oje, Athena Christie and his lovely mother-in-law Joan. I never would have thought in my life, that this would be the last time I saw Owen (I talked to him once more at the end of April). He was so happy and he was really looking forward for the time after the WWF and he wanted to spend as much time as possible with Martha, Oje and Athena Christie. He always was so sad, when he had to leave them and always tried to take the latest possible flight.

The German wrestling fans are really shocked, because Owen was one of the most popular wrestlers in Germany, even as a heel. He always signed autographs and had some nice words to everybody. I already got more than 100 emails, faxes and calls from people, who can't believe what happened in Kansas. Neither can I!

I am still shocked and I can't believe that one of the nicest guys you can imagine won't be with us anymore - OWEN HART! I miss you so much!

Wolfgang Stach,

I feel shocked by Owen's death (the last time was in 1985 in which three wrestling members from Quebec died in a December car accident). As a fan of his brother the HitMan, I must say here that Owen was indeed a talented wrestler, working perhaps in the shadow of his brother, but still having won major belts and his Slammy Awards (well deserved).

This morning, I have sent the great memories of Owen that I'll still remember: the Brother-against-Brother feud in Wrestlemania X and the pride to be Canadian to these American fans by hoisting the Maple Leaf along with Bret and the rest of the Hart Foundation: Jim Neidhart, Davey Boy Smith and the late Brian Pillman.

In my hometown of Montreal, one we still remember way before the Survivor Series of 1997 was that Owen fought a special boxing match in a WWF event in the Molson Center (I think the first one since the Old Forum closed) against Raymond Rougeau (from another family dynasty) in which I beleive he lost in some way...

My prayers and my sympathies to the HitMan's family and to the Dungeon's alumni.



Claude Leduc

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