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SLAM! WRESTLING: Owen Hart Tribute - News Page


SLAM! Readers remember Owen

Photo Gallery

Donations in the name of Owen Hart can be made to:

Alberta Children's Hospital
1820 Richmond Rd.
SW, Alberta, Canada,
T2T 5C7

Owen Hart's life story to hit big screen

By MICHELLE MARK -- Calgary Sun
The stage is set for a major Hollywood movie paying homage to the life of wrestler Owen Hart. The Calgary wrestler's widow confirmed yesterday she has signed over movie rights to the story of her and her late husband's life to Artisan Entertainment in California.
 "There's a lot of mystery behind what really happened and the story has never before been told properly," Martha Hart said of Owen's fatal wrestling accident in 1999.
  • Jan. 9: Full story

    WWF rumour 'disgusting'

    By MIKE D'AMOUR -- Calgary Sun
    The widow of a Calgary wrestler killed during a World Wrestling Federation stunt said she's hurt and disgusted that members of her husband's family will attend a WWF match in Calgary tonight.
    Hart family members are expected to be at the Raw is War event and are expected to be discussing a new business deal.
  • May 28: Full story

    Hart legacy helping out

    By RICARDO GLORIA -- Calgary Sun
      The memory of Owen Hart will live on, not just in the minds of wrestling fans, but in the hearts' of sick kids at the Alberta Children's Hospital.
      Martha Hart, wife of the dead pro wrestler, has established a memorial fund to help the families of sick children cope with financial problems related to hospital stays.
  • Apr. 10: Full story

    Martha Hart forges ahead with Foundation

    By CHRIS GERRITSEN -- Calgary Sun
      Martha Hart is making sure the memory of her husband, super-star wrestler Owen Hart, lives on in the hearts of Calgarians.
      Hart is once again involved with an upcoming event in May that aims to help give women a second chance in life.
      The Owen Hart Foundation fund-raiser in support of Youville Women's Residence happens Thursday, May 17, at the Roxbury on 11 Ave. S.W.
  • Mar. 14: Full story

    WWF donates cash to Calgary hospital

    By ETHAN BARON -- Calgary Sun
     The tragic death of a famous Calgarian will help support life.
      The World Wrestling Federation earned $57,300 selling special magazines devoted to Calgary wrestler Owen Hart, who died May 23, 1999, after a 24-metre fall at a WWF event in Kansas City.
  • Jan. 6: Full story

    Hart plans help for the working poor

    By IAN WILSON -- Calgary Sun
      Now that her multi-million-dollar settlement has been approved, Martha Hart says the charitable foundation she's establishing in her deceased husband's name will become a reality in a few months.
      "It's in the blueprint stage right now," said Hart, whose husband Owen Hart fell 23 metres to his death as part of a wrestling stunt last May.
  • Nov. 9: Full story

    Legal victory bittersweet: Martha Hart

      KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP-Reuters) -- A judge has approved an $18-million US settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of Canadian wrestler Owen Hart against the World Wrestling Federation and the city.

    Circuit Judge Douglas Long Jr. approved the settlement Tuesday after an hour-long hearing. The WWF and its insurer will pay the settlement amount.
  • Nov. 9: Full story

    Hart family feud

    With WWF suit settled, dead wrestler's widow lashes out at in-laws

    By ERIC FRANCIS -- Calgary Sun
      Shortly after a Missouri judge put an end, of sorts, to her 18 months of hell, Martha Hart took her two young children to the place their father died.
      Holding their little hands as they entered Kansas City's Kemper Arena yesterday, mom wanted little Oje, 8, and Athena, 5, to see for themselves the 20,000-seat stage that played host to their father's final, desperate breaths.
  • Nov. 8: Full story

    Off to Kansas City

    Martha Hart, widow of wrestling star Owen Hart, and children Oje and Athena, leave the Calgary Airport for Kansas City on Nov. 6, 2000, hoping for a legal settlement with the WWF over Owen's tragic death. Hart fell 23 metres to his death in Kansas City, May 23, 1999 during a wrestling performance gone wrong. A Kansas judge must approve the tentative agreement in the wrongful death suit. -- Jack Cusano, Calgary Sun [Full size photo.]

    Hart's death affects WWF finances

    The World Wrestling Federation announced to its stock holders in a press release today that its second quarter earnings will be affected by a $7 million charge related to settling the wrongful death lawsuit filed by Owen Hart's family. It is not known whether the charge is a part of the settlement reached with the Hart family this week or some other fee connected to the case.
  • Nov. 2: Full story

    Harts hushed by lawyers

    By NOVA PIERSON -- Calgary Sun
     Owen Hart's wife and parents have been quieted by their lawyers regarding the settlement of his wrongful death suit -- even on their feelings about the case drawing to a close. "We've been instructed to refer all calls of any nature to our lawyer," said Helen Hart, Owen's mother.
  • Nov. 1: Full story

    Hart's widow settles

    By ERIC FRANCIS -- Calgary Sun
     Nearly 18 months after her husband Owen plunged to his death in a wrestling stunt gone wrong, Martha Hart has come to terms with World Wrestling Federation Entertainment on a wrongful death settlement.
     "The WWFE and the Harts have come to an amicable agreement satisfactory to both parties," confirmed chief Canadian counsel Pam Fischer of Pipella & Co.
  • Oct. 31: Full story

    Hart documents sealed

    By CAMERON MAXWELL -- Calgary Sun
      The Missouri Court of Appeal has ordered controversial documents in the wrongful death lawsuit of wrestler Owen Hart to be temporarily sealed.
      Last week's ruling comes after World Wrestling Federation lawyers said the documents pointed to witness-tampering on behalf of the Missouri lawyers for Hart's widow, Martha, of Calgary.
  • Aug. 7: Full story

    Hart family hurt again

    By LYLE HARVEY -- Calgary Sun
      A Florida businessman has delivered a stinging body slam to the widow of late Calgary wrestler Owen Hart.
      Three months after he promised to transfer a money-making Internet address to Martha Hart, Roy Messer of Tallahassee, Fla., continues to profit from his ownership of Typing in that domain name sends 'Net surfers to a page of a commercial search engine called, which provides links to websites selling WWF merchandise.
  • July 31: Full story

    Hitman: The Sharpshooter

    Remembering Owen

    By BRET "The Hitman" HART -- For The Calgary Sun
     "You were a great wrestler from start to finish and millions of your fans all around the world will never let that be forgotten. Maybe it's not important, almost kind of meaningless, but I know you were proud of your accomplishments, as was I, and you were one of the greatest athletes to ever set foot in a wrestling ring."
  • May 27: Full story

    Owen tribute

    Hart family marks tragic anniversary

    By MARTHA HART -- For The Calgary Sun
      One year has gone by since that tragic night in Kansas City's Kemper Arena.
     My husband Owen, waiting 10 minutes suspended six stories above a dark arena, trusting who he thought were top expert riggers with his precious life.
     Little did he know he was hooked up to a make-shift contraption which included a quick-release snap shackle clip meant for the sole purpose of rigging sail boats.
  • May 23: Full story

    One of Helen's dozen missing this year

    By RICK BELL -- Calgary Sun
     He won't be there when they gather later today at the big house on the hill.
      He won't be there with the kids, the grandkids, the family, the friends, the dogs, the cats and whoever else shows up.
  • May 14: Full story

    Memories of Owen

    By ERIC FRANCIS -- Calgary Sun
     In the garage sits a 1965 Mustang they used to smooch in during high school.
     Upstairs is a brightly-painted bedroom which would have housed their third child -- a treasure they planned on having this month.
  • May 14: Full story

    Owen Hart web address gets yanked

    By LYLE HARVEY -- Calgary Sun
     A moneymaking Internet address using the name of late Calgary wrestler Owen Hart has been shut down by its U.S. operator.
      Hart, known to fans as the "Blue Blazer," died from a fall during a World Wrestling Federation event in Kansas City last May 23, barely two weeks after his 34th birthday.
  • Apr. 22: Full story

    Click above for a portion of the WWF's tribute to Owen. (4 MB)

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