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  June 14, 1999

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Hart journey for justice

By MIKE D'AMOUR -- Calgary Sun
  Flanked by a pair of lawyers, Martha Hart boarded a plane for the U.S. yesterday where she's expected to announce a lawsuit claiming hundreds of millions of dollars for the wrongful death of her pro wrestler husband.
 "If I could tell you anything I would," Hart said as her lawyer Pam Fischer repeatedly whispered, "No comment," in her ear.
 "The truth will be known and justice will be served," Hart said at the Northwest Air ticket counter shortly before her flight to Kansas City, Mo., the city where her husband died during a stunt gone awry May 23.
 The family and their litigators are holding a press conference from a downtown Kansas City hotel tomorrow at 11 a.m. where they will reveal their intentions, Martha said.
 Owen Hart, a.k.a. The Blue Blazer, died when he fell nine storeys from a cable as he was being lowered into the ring during a World Wrestling Federation event called Over the Edge.
 Kansas City cops are in the middle of a criminal probe into the death of the popular Calgary-based athlete, which could, under Missouri law, bring a charge of involuntary manslaughter due to recklessness.
 The investigation has revealed Hart fell at a speed of 80 km/h and the impact on a turnbuckle ruptured his aorta.
 Martha was joined on the flight by her brother-in-law, wrestler Bret (Hitman) Hart and his folks, Stu and Helen.
 "I think Owen would want me there," Bret said as he carried his bag to the counter. "We just want to find out what happened and who's accountable."
 In addition to their Calgary lawyers, the Harts have also retained Kansas City lawyers who specialize in civil litigation.

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