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  June 2, 1999

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Widow is 'repulsed'

  The widow of Owen Hart lashed out at Vince McMahon and his World Wrestling Federation for airing television footage from his funeral.
 On the WWF's Monday Night Raw, the organization showed footage of wrestlers outside the funeral home against the expressed wishes of Martha Hart.
 "I feel exploited and violated by it," Martha told the Sun yesterday.
 "I was completely repulsed by it.
 Martha spoke directly with WWF owner Vince McMahon on a couple of occasions and told him not to air any sort of video from the funeral.
 "I said it because I dislike their show and (airing funeral footage) is self-serving," said Martha, adding she watched the video as it aired. "Not only did they disrespect me -- they didn't care.
 "Now there's nothing I can do."
 The WWF didn't return the Sun's phone calls yesterday. Another gesture by McMahon also angered Martha as she laid her husband to rest Monday in front of 300 friends and family, and 1,000 fans outside the funeral home.
 "I came into the funeral home and there was a great big heart with 'Owen Hart' on it," recalled Martha. "It had `WWF' on the side."
 Martha, who didn't know the heart was inside the chapel, said she was so disgusted she told them to get rid of it.
 "The WWF should be totally denounced for what they did," she said. "Owen was not a tacky, sleazy wrestler and I didn't want the footage aired on a WWF show."
 At the funeral, attended by scores of wrestlers and dignitaries, Martha hinted that the day of reckoning for her husband was still to come.
 "It's like war," she said, adding McMahon did not pay for Owen's funeral.
 "I paid for the funeral," said Martha.
 Owen, 34, died May 23 when a harness lowering him came undone and he plunged to his death from nine storeys during a choreographed stunt in Kansas City, Mo.
 Authorities in that city are still investigating whether the harness supporting Owen came loose, or if the grappler accidentally unhooked it too soon.

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