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  June 6, 1999

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Letter slammed
McMahon did not have OK to air Owen Hart's funeral

By MIKE D'AMOUR -- Calgary Sun
  Owen Hart's widow wants to body slam the boss of the World Wrestling Federation after he wrote the Sun claiming he got the greenlight from her to air footage of the funeral.

"Vince McMahon can say whatever he likes but I know the truth," a livid Martha Hart told the Sun yesterday.

"I said 'I have no control over your matches, but I don't want you to show Owen's funeral on your crappy show' -- that's exactly what I said to him," she said.

Hart's widow was responding to a letter McMahon wrote to the Sun -- which was published in the Letter of the Day section of Saturday's paper -- in which he said Martha allowed the wrest-ling program to air segments of her husband's funeral.

While acknowledging Martha did not want that to happen, McMahon said she later relented while talking to Carl DeMarco, president of WWF's Titan Promotions Canada.

"Giving Martha Hart the benefit of the doubt," McMahon wrote, "she may have forgotten that she changed her mind."

Martha said she was outraged when she read that.

"I talked to Carl DeMarco after the funeral and he said, 'I can't believe Vince did this, I can't believe he put this on the show,' " Martha said yesterday, a day after returning from Kansas City and the site of her husband's death.

"He's trying to pull off I'm this grief-stricken widow, but I knew what I was doing every step of the way."

Owen Hart, a.k.a. the Blue Blazer, died during a live pay-per-view wrestling telecast May 23.

The Calgary-native fell more than 21 meters when he was being lowered to the ring on a cable.

Owen's head struck a ring turnbuckle and he never regained consciousness.

"Owen died in the ring and they were almost mad because they couldn't wait to scrape him off the mat and get on with the show," Martha said.

"When the accident happened, I was very decent to Vince McMahon and he said: 'I can't believe you're talking to me,' " Martha recalled.

Hart's widow also took exception to McMahon's statement that the WWF went to great lengths to help with Hart's funeral expenses.

"Everything he did, he did for his own self-serving interests; having the wrestlers here so he could show them on his show; getting speakers so the fans could hear the service -- things like that," Martha said.

"He paid for Owen to get home, but that was always his responsibility to get Owen home after his matches, anyway."

While Martha does not want to argue with McMahon through the press, she said she just wants to set the record straight.

"I don't like seeing this in the paper everyday, but I can't let people think what he's saying is true -- it's not."

McMahon was not available for comment yesterday.

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