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  June 5, 1999

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McMahon's letter to the Calgary Sun

RE: "WIDOW is repulsed," (June 2). For the record, giving Martha Hart the benefit of the doubt in her time of grieving, I spoke to Martha after the death of Owen on approximately five occasions.

At no time during any conversations did she ask me not to show footage from Owen's funeral.

However, in fairness to Martha, she did indicate to Carl DeMarco (President of Titan Promotions --Canada, and, longtime Hart family friend) at one time, that she would prefer that the World Wrestling Federation not show the funeral footage.

However, in a subsequent conversation, DeMarco explained to Martha that since she invited all other media to the funeral services and even to the burial, it would only be appropriate that the WWF show footage of Owen's funeral so that Owen's fans could say goodbye.

Giving Martha Hart the benefit of the doubt, she may have forgotten that she changed her mind and addressed the situation with DeMarco and not me.

I don't know why Mrs. Hart would publicly raise the issue of who paid for Owen's funeral. It was the WWF's expressed intention to Rob Wintonick of the McInnis and Holloway Funeral Home to pay for all funeral expenses.

However, unbeknown to us, Mrs. Hart directed the funeral home that she would pay certain expenses. Incidentally, the WWF also paid for items such as: Limousine services, transportation of the body, flowers, service folders, video screen, public address system, buses, signage for buses, arm bands, catering, housekeeping, lawn cleanup, ladies and men's clothing, sunglasses, hairdressing, obituaries, a Canadian flag.

The WWF also paid $152,200 US for transportation expenses for WWF talent and personnel.

Also, your article stated that Mrs. Hart instructed our flowers to be removed from the funeral home. Enclosed please find a rendering from our creative department to the local florist.

In the funeral home, our flowers were indeed present. However, the WWF logo had been removed and Owen's initials, OH, stood in its place. I can only assume this was at Mrs. Hart's request.

It is unfortunate that Mrs. Hart feels violated in any way, although her grief, which we share, is understandable.

Out of respect for Owen and the wonderful human being that he was, I do not want to engage Martha Hart's allegations in a public forum.

I simply am writing so that you will have the facts.

Vince McMahon

Chairman, World Wrestling Federation

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