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  May 26, 1999

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Davey Boy Smith won't let dream die

By BILL KAUFMANN -- Calgary Sun
  Davey Boy Smith is hoping to create his own ring legacy for a fallen friend, brother-in-law and former tag-team chum.
 The one-time British Bulldog said he was recently asked by Owen Hart to revive their tag-team liaison, one that captured four world championships with the World Wrestling Federation.

That dream is now gone, but Smith hopes to mobilize for the next-best thing -- a solo comeback in memory of Hart.

"He wanted me to go back, so I'll try my hardest to fulfil his wish," said Smith, standing on the mat in the Hart home's "dungeon" gymnasium, where Owen learned his craft.

Smith is still recovering from a serious injury suffered during a bungled trap door stunt in a WCW ring last September.

Smith, who has also been recovering from an infection in his spinal cord, was visited in hospital last week by his close confidante Hart.

"He was like a brother to me -- we stayed in the same rooms, we drove, flew and ate together," said Smith. "I was tagged-teamed with Owen longer than anyone within the federation."

The WWF leadership shouldn't take the blame for the death of his close friend, said the husky wrestler.

"They're running a business and we all do crazy things."

Performing risky feats without stunt doubles is a point of pride, said Smith.

"We're stunt men -- we take our own falls, we use harnesses and pulleys.

"It really makes me mad when when they say wrestling's phony."

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