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  May 26, 1999

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Wrestling hero Owen Hart will be remembered as a class act

By ERIC FRANCIS -- Calgary Sun

  Owen Hart always wore a smile. That's how I'll remember him. Smiling.
 A family man who trudged off to a job he had become disillusioned with years ago due to its politics, Hart travelled endlessly to provide for his wife Martha and two kids.

He knew no other line of work.

The tragic irony of his death is he no longer had any interest in super stardom or the flashy stunts it took to be a wrestling champion like brother Bret.

He always insisted he'd be happy to wrestle in relative obscurity and fade into retirement a few years from now to be with his family. That being said, he always did as promoters asked.

A quiet, unassuming sort whose gentle nature outside the ring made him a favourite amongst his wrestling brethren, Owen was a classy man who was quick to lighten every situation with a one-liner.

He was also more than happy to help out charities any way he could.

The admiration I have for Owen is extended to his brothers, sisters and parents who have graciously elected to bite their tongues and refuse to openly criticize the man who is ultimately responsible for the WWF -- owner Vince McMahon.

It's safe to say McMahon has never been a Hart family favourite for several reasons, including a recent clash with Bret and an age-old deal gone sour with father Stu, who agreed to cease operations of Stampede Wrestling in the '80s.

Well, what goes around comes around. And if there's any justice in this world, McMahon will pay dearly for what his organization has done to further pain the Harts. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a massive lawsuit any day now.

Nothing is more disgusting than the fact the show went on.

Yes, despite the fact a man free fell at least 40 ft. to his death, the WWF elected to continue its program even after it was confirmed Owen had passed away.

Sick, disrespectful and wrong. But what else would you expect from the WWF?

You deserved so much better Owen. Keep smiling, pal.

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