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   Wed, June 2, 2004

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Trish & Torrie are slammin' divas

Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson at the SummerSlam announcement in Toronto. (Toronto Sun Photo: Alex Urosevic)

Don't even think of telling these girls a blond joke. WWE stars Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus could smack you down -- big time.

These divas might not sing, but they sure can hit.

The whole WWE crew was in town yesterday to promote the huge SummerSlam pay-per-view extravaganza coming to the Air Canada Centre Aug. 15.

Stratus said she always welcomes a chance to come back to her hometown. "The great thing when I come to Toronto is that I can actually sleep in my real bed," the reigning babe giggled.

The divas each star in one of the two divisions of the WWE, Wilson in Smackdown and Stratus in Raw.

"I'm really glad about my character, I just love it. I've always felt that I had it in me," Stratus said.

Torrie says that to her, wrestling is only one part of making it in the WWE. "If you want to be a diva, you have to be willing to go down and get dirty on the ring -- and you must look good in a bathing suit of course !"

Both women have been in the league for more than three years, and said they aren't worried about competition from up-and-coming females. "It's amazing that now women can make it on their own and become part of the wrestling league as entertainers" Wilson, from Boise, Idaho, said.

"There are more and more women in the WWE and that's great for the league. It helps us create new characters, new rivalries," said Stratus, who went to York University in the '90s.


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