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   March 18, 2016

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Lance Cade

Garrison, er, Lance Cade

REAL NAME: Garrison Cade
6' 5", 261 pounds
BORN: San Antonio, Texas

He may or may not end up as "the next Shawn Michaels" but the young man who, like the Heartbreak Kid during the early part of his career, is making waves in the WWE Tag Team scene, got his training in San Antonio, Texas as part of Michaels' wrestling school.

After completing his training, Cade joined another Michaels' alumni, American Dragon, in heading to Japan to compete for Frontier Martial Arts. Ironically, it would be the American Dragon that Cade would defeat on May 9, 2000, to win the Texas Wrestling Alliance Television Championship.

A month later, after losing a "Three-Way Loser Leaves Town" bout that also involved Bonecrusher and winner Jeremy Sage, Cade was en route to Memphis Championship Wrestling, a WWE developmental area. By the summer of 2001, Cade left MCW and headed to another WWE developmental area, Heartland Wrestling Association, teaming with Cody Hawk.

The team of Hawk and Cade broke up when the Invasion angle made its way to HWA, and Cade joined the WCW/ECW Alliance. Cade formed another team, this time with Mike Sanders and, on February 13, 2002, the pair won the HWA Tag Team titles from Val Venis and Steve Bradley, only to break up on the same night. Cade defeated Sanders in a singles match to lay claim to the titles, and picked Bradley to be his partner.

Cade and Bradley would lose the titles to Raven and Hugh Morrus, but regained them three days later, only to lose them to Cody Hawk and the Ice Cream Man. After several unsuccessful attempts to regain the belts a second time, Cade broke into the singles ranks, exchanging the HWA Heavyweight Championship with Johnny The Bull on two occassions before losing the title to Cody Hawk.

With the WWE breaking its ties with HWA, Cade was reassigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling in September 2002, and formed a team with Rene Dupre. After taking on combinations made up of future WWE superstars including Nick "Eugene" Dinsmore, Charlie Haas, and Rob Conway, Dupre and Cade travelled to a WWE TV taping and lost to the Dudley Boys in February 2002.

The Dudleys were not the only WWE talent that Dupre and Cade faced, with the team losing twice to the A.P.A. (Bradshaw and Farooq) in the spring of 2003.

In June 2003, Cade was called up to the WWE, where he lost to Lance Storm on Heat. Two week later, however, on Raw, Cade (now Garrison Cade) defeated Lance Storm, thanks to a distraction from Steve Austin. Soon, Cade found himself partnered with Mark Jindrak. The team found themselves crossing paths with La Resistance (including Cade's former OVW partner Rene Dupre) as well as Evolution.

On November 23, 2003, Cade and Jindrak upset the Dudley Boys, thanks to the interference of Scott Steiner, although the Dudleys got their revenge and a win a week later. Despite the loss, Jindrak and Cade won a spot in the Fatal Fourway match for the WWE Tag Team titles at Wrestlemania XX, but failed to unseat Booker T and RVD for the titles.

The Jindrak/Cade team soon folded, and Cade was teamed with Jonathan Coachman, aka the Coach, who was both Cade's pseudo-manager and tag team partner. However, on July 2nd, Cade teamed with Chuck Palumbo during a house show in Vancouver against Val Venis and Maven. During the bout, Cade injured his knee. He made his appearance at Vengeance, where he and Coach lost to Rhyno and Tajiri but was out of action for several months afterwards.

When Cade returned in March 2005, it was not initially to WWE. Instead, he was sent to Ohio Valley, where he feuded with Brent Albright for the Television Championship. By June, however, Cade was back in WWE, appearing in dark matches for both Raw and Smackdown, teaming with Trevor Rhodes.

In August, the team of Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch (a renamed Rhodes) began airing on Raw and on September 5th, the team made an impressive debut, defeating WWE Tag Team Champions Rosey and the Hurricane in a non-title match. With the victory, the new team immediately shot up the tag rankings and won the titles at Unforgiven. With the breakup of Rosey/Hurricane shortly after, it looked like Cade and Murdoch would have few challengers.

Ironically, their time as champs would end quickly, when Kane and Big Show unseated them at Taboo Tuesday.

Cade and Murdoch would be unsuccessful in their attempts to regain the titles and soon, the team was broken up. Lance Cade continues to wrestle for WWE, but has been regulated to Heat duties.

Cade and Murdoch would be unsuccessful in their attempts to regain the titles, and soon the team was broken up, though it was quickly reformed after Cade had an unsuccessful singles run.

It was not until the beginning of 2007, however, that the team truly began to realize its potential. Feuding with Matt and Jeff Hardy was certainly a help, and Cade & Murdoch appeared respectful of their opponents, so much so that there were regular handshakes before and after their series of matches.

Inevitably, however, that did not last, and in June Cade pinned Jeff under dubious circumstances to win the Tag Team Titles for the second time. After exchanging the titles with Paul London & Brian Kendrick on a South African tour, they lost the belts for the final time in December 2007, to Bob Holly and Cody Rhodes.

The team acrimoniously split in the spring of 2008, with Murdoch being wished the best in his future endeavours, while Cade surprisingly aligned himself with World title contender Chris Jericho. Though he pinned Shawn Michaels in a tag team match in September, Cade was released from his contract on October 14, with Jim Ross citing an incident on an aeroplane where Cade required emergency treatment.

After a year on the indie circuit, Cade was re-signed to a WWE developmental contract with Florida Championship Wrestling on October 23, 2009. He briefly worked at the Florida-based outfit but never made it to the main roster. His stint did not last long though as he was again released in April 2010.

Just four months after his release it was reported on Friday, August 13, 2010 that Cade passed away due to heart failure, he was 29 years old.

--- compiled by John M. Milner, Brian Elliott and Darren Wood


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