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    Thursday, December 11, 1997

    Good showing for Bedard

     OSTERSUND, Sweden (CP) -- Canadian Myriam Bedard posted her best international biathlon result in three seasons today, placing 15th in the women's 15 kilometre individual event in World Cup competition.
     Andreja Grasic of Slovenia won the gold medal in 45 minutes 32.7 seconds, missing one of 20 targets. World champion Magdalena Forsberg of Sweden was second in 45:59.2 and Olena Petrova of the Ukraine was third in 46:08.2.
     Bedard, 28, of Loretteville, Que., was timed in 48:41.0 and shot 19 for 20 for 15th place.
     Bedard is coming back from health problems, which afflicted her racing last season, and took three months off from training.
     "I really felt lousy at the start of the day as I did last weekend," said Bedard, 52nd in the 10-kilometre event at the World Cup opener in Lillehammer last Saturday.
     "I was worried (today) whether I was really in good shape yet but it turned out to be a very positive performance for me. It's the best I've done this early in the season in years."
     Nikki Keddie of Toronto was 48th in 51:27.7 with three misses and Kristin Berg of Edmonton 101st.
     In the men's 20 kilometres, Sylfest Glimsdal of Norway posted a surprise win for his first World Cup podium appearance in three years. Russians took the next two spots with Alexei Kobelev second and Viktor Maigourov third.
     Steve Cyr of Val Belair, Que., was 42nd, Eric Jensen of Regina 101st and Ian Robertson of Edmonton 110th.
     Competition continues Saturday with the men's 10 kilometres and women's 7.5 kilometres.

     OSTERSUND, Sweden (CP) -- Results Thursday's results at a World Cup biathlon competition (missed targets in brackets):

     20 kilometres
     1. Sylfest Glimsdal, Norway, 49 minutes 19.0 seconds (one missed target); 2. Alexei Kobelev, Russia, 49:27.7 (2); 3. Viktor Maigourov, Russia, 49:40.3 (2); 4. Patrick Favre, Italy, 50:02.5 (2); 5. Dag Bjorndalen, Norway, 50:02.8 (1); 6. Wolfgang Rottmann, Austria, 50:17.9 (1); 7. Pier Alberto Carrara, Italy, 50:24.0 (2); 8. Lubomir Machyniak, Slovakia, 50:26.8 (1); 9. Jan Wustenfeld, Germany, 50:29.8 (3); 10. Gunther Dengg, Austria, 50:35.8 (1).
     42. Steve Cyr, Val Belair, Que., 53:05.3 (4); 101. Eric Jensen, Regina, 58:05.2 (8); 110. Ian Robertson, Edmonton, 1:00.25.2 (9).
     15 kilometres
     1. Andreja Grasic, Slovenia, 45 minutes and 32.7 seconds (1); 2. Magdalena Forsberg, Sweden, 45:59.2 (2); 3. Olena Petrova, Ukraine, 46:08.2 (1); 4. Christelle Gros, France, 46:29.9 (1); 5. Galina Koukleva, Russia, 46:38.3 (3); 6. Florence Baverel, France, 47:07.7 (1); 7. Uschi Disl, Germany, 47:23.9 (3); 8. Svetana Paramyguina, Belarus, 47:49.7 (1); 9. Katja Beer, Germany, 48:02.1 (2); 10. Petra Behle, Germany, 48:02.3 (2).
     15. Myriam Bedard, Loretteville, Que., 48:41.0 (1); 48. Nikki Keddie, Toronto, 51:27.7 (3); 101. Kristin Berg, Edmonton, 58:37.0 (10).