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    Sunday, December 7, 1997

    Aidarov and Koukleva win biathlon pursuit thriller

     LILLEHAMMER, Norway (AP) -- Alexei Aidarov of Belarus won his first World Cup victory Sunday in the men's 12.5-kilometer biathlon pursuit, an event whose starting list was based on the times from the 10K sprint on Saturday.
     Aidarov only placed 10th in the sprint, 44 seconds behind the winner, Frank Luck of Germany. By shooting clean, Aidarov was able to cross the finish line first. Luck missed four times, and came in fifth, 37.9 seconds behind Aidarov.
     Norway's Halvard Hanevold placed second, 25.9 seconds off Aidarov's pace. Russia's Pavel Mouslimov was third, 33.3 behind.
     After winning Saturday's 7.5 km sprint, Galina Koukleva of Russia finished 31 seconds ahead of Magdalena Forsberg of Sweden in women's 10K pursuit.
     Forsberg shot clean at the two first stations and led the Russian by 1.43 minutes. But Forsberg had three misses at the third shooting station.
     As she did Saturday, Koukleva decided the race with superior skiing skills, and at the finish, she was 11.1 seconds ahead of Forsberg.
     After a sixth place in the sprint, Germany's Uschi Disl came in third, 1:20.2 behind Koukleva.
     Stacey Wooley of the United States placed 42nd after a 37th in the sprint, 4:23.7 behind Koukleva.  LILLEHAMMER, Norway (AP) -- Top finishers Saturday of a World Cup biathlon competition (shooting penalties in parentheses):
     10km sprint
     1. Frank Luck, Germany, 25 minutes, 22.1 seconds (0).
     2. Dag Bjorndalen, Norway, 25:36.4 (0).
     3. Raphael Poiree, France, 25:42.8 (0)
     4. Sylfest Glimsdal, Norway, 25:48.1 (1)
     5. Serguei Tarasov, Russia, 25:51.2 (1)
     6. Olegs Maluhins, Latvia, 25:55.8 (1)
     7. Frode Andresen, Norway, 25:59.2 (2)
     8. Serguei Rojkov, Russia, 26:05.1 (1)
     9. Vladimir Dratchev, Russia, 26:06.2 (1)
     10. Alexei Aidarov, Belorus, 26:07.5 (1)
     7.5km sprint
     1. Galina Koukleva, Russia, 24 minutes, 28.5 seconds (2).
     2. Olga Melnik, Russia, 24:58.0 (0)
     3. Magdalena Forsberg, Sweden, 24:59.6 (1)
     4. Anna Volkova, Russia, 25:03.4 (2)
     5. Petra Behle, Germany, 25:05.7 (1)
     6. Uschi Disl, Germany, 25:14.1 (2)
     7. Nathalie Santer, Italy, 25:25.5 (1)
     8. Anne Briand, France, 25:30.2 (1)
     9. Eva Hakova, Czeck Republic, 25:43.4 (1)
     10. Corinna Niogret, France, 26:02.8 (1)