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    Saturday, January 10, 1998

    Norwegians shoot top two biathlon spots

     RUHPOLDING, Germany (CP-AP) -- Frode Andresen kept his cool on the shooting range to score his first biathlon World Cup victory today beating fellow Norwegian Ole Einar Bjoerndalen.
     Germans finished 1-2 in the women's 7.5-kilometre sprint, with Petra Behle beating Martina Zellner by 5.5 seconds.
     Andresen, 23, posted his first major victory in his career in a time of 26 minutes, 13.5 seconds.
     Bjoerndalen, who had one miss from the standing position, had to do one penalty lap and finished in 26:25, 11.5 seconds behind.
     Raphael Poiree of France was third.
     Steve Cyr of Val-Belaire, Que., missed one target and was 33rd in 28:21.9. Eric Jensen of Regina was 43rd in 28:37.8 with two misses.
     "It's a promising result but not earth shattering, " said Jensen, whose best result is a 40th at a World Cup in Japan last season. "That was a bad shooting performance for me so I still need to put everything together in one race. My best performances have actually been in the relay this season. Individually I haven't realized my potential."
     Jean Paquet of Loretteville, Que., who missed meeting the Olympic criteria by 1.1 seconds on Thursday when he placed 36th, dropped to 70th while Kevin Quintilio of Hinton, Alta., was 95th.
     Cyr, Quintilio and Tony Fiala of Quesnel, B.C., have met the Olympic qualification standard.
     Canada's last chance to qualify a men's relay team is on Sunday.
     In the women's sprint, Behle, a nine-time world champion, made up a two-second deficit on the cross-country trail to surge past Zellner in the last kilometre.
     Behle now has eight World Cup victories.
     Corinne Niogret of France prevented a German sweep by edging Uschi Disl by three-tenths of a second.
     Olympic champion Myriam Bedard of Loretteville, Que., raced despite the flu and placed 49th,
     "It's just a virus it has nothing to do with what I had last year," said a stuffed-up Bedard, who suffered from hypothyroidism last season. "The doctors gave me clearance to race today because I didn't have a fever. I wasn't at my best," said Bedard.
     Kristin Berg of Edmonton was 59th, Michelle Collard of Vanderhoof, B.C., 61st and Nikki Keddie of Toronto 69th.
     Those four have met the Olympic qualification and Canada is also qualified for the women's relay.


     World Cup Biathlon Results
     RUHPOLDING, Germany (AP) -- Results Saturday of a biathlon World Cup meet:
     10K Spint
     1. Frode Andresen, Norway, 26 minutes, 13.5 seocnds.
     2. Ole Einar Bjoerndalen, Norway, 26:25.0 (1 penalty lap).
     3. Raphael Poiree, France, 26:39.5.
     4. Pavel Vavilov, Russia, 27:10.5 (1).
     5. Sven Fischer, Germany, 27:13.1 (2).
     6. Vladimir Dratchev, Russia, 27:20.0.
     7. Jean-Marc Chabloz, Switzerland, 27:21.4.
     8. Pavel Mouslimov, Russia, 27:24.8.
     9. Jan Wuestenfeld, Germany, 27:25.6 (1).
     10. Viktor Maigourov, Russia, 27:26.6 (2).
     33. Steve Cyr, Canada, 28:21.9 (1).
     43. Eric Jensen, Canada, 28:37.8 (2).
     56. Jay Hakkinen, Kasilof, Alaska, 28:55.2 (2).
     66. Dan Westover, Colchester, Vt., 29:16.0.
     70. Jean Paquet, Canada, 29:26.5 (4).
     94. Andy Erickson, Minnetonka, Minn., 30:32.2 (2).
     95. Kevin Quintilio, Canda, 30:32.4 (5).
     102. Rob Rosser, Jericho, Vt., 31:14.1 (4).
     World Cup Standings
     (After 8 Events)
     1. Raphael Poiree, France, 128 points.
     (tie) Sven Fischer, Germany, 128.
     3. Pavel Mouslimov, Russia, 122.
     4. Frode Andresen, Norway, 119.
     (tie) Ricco Gross, Germany, 119.
     6. Viktor Maigourov, Russia, 116.
     7. Frank Luck, Germany, 115.
     8. Alexei Kobelev, Russia, 102.
     9. Jan Wuestenfeld, Germany, 100.
     10. Ole Einar Bjoerndalen, Norway, 94.
     7.5K Spint
     1. Petra Behle, Germany, 23:39.9.
     2. Martina Zellner, Germany, 23:45.4.
     3. Corinne Niogret, France, 23:48.2.
     4. Uschi Disl, Germany, 23:48.5 (2).
     5. Ann Elen Skjelbreid, Norway, 23:57.8.
     6. Yu Shumei, China, 24:02.9.
     7. Magdalena Forsberg, Sweden, 24:06.4 (1).
     8. Katrin Apel, Germany, 24:20.2 (2).
     9. Florence Baverel, France, 24:23.4.
     10. Albina Achatova, Russia, 24:28.0 (1).
     35. Kristina Viljanen-Sebasteanski, Milford, N.H., 25:26.9 (1).
     49. Myriam Bedard, Canada, 26:12.9 (2).
     58. Debbie Nordyke, Bend, Ore., 26:34.0 (2).
     59. Inger-Kristin Berg, Canada, 26:37.8 (2)
     61. Michelle Tuppy Collard, Canada, 26:49.6 (2).
     68. Stacey Wooley, Lebanon, N.H., 27:06.1 (4).
     69. Nikki Keddie, Canada, 27:11.8 (3).
     NDL--Kara Hermanson-Salmela, Elk River, Minn.; Ntala Skinner, Sun Valley, Idaho
     World Cup Standings
     (After 8 Events)
     1. Magdalena Forsberg, Sweden, 204.
     2. Galina Koukleva, Russia, 165.
     3. Uschi Disl, Germany, 151.
     4. Andreja Grasic, Slovenia, 131.
     5. Corinne Niogret, France, 126.
     6. Martina Zellner, Germany, 114.
     7. Anna Volkova, Russia, 112.
     8. Petra Behle, Germany, 110.
     9. Albina Achatova, Russia, 95.
     10. Katerina Losmanova, Czech Republic, 85.
     46. Myriam Bedard, Canada, 11.
     51. Stacey Wooley, Lebanon, N.H., 8.
     60. Joan Miller-Smith, Honeoye Falls, N.Y., 1.