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    Sunday, January 18, 1998

    Germany snaps Norway's biathlon streak

     ANTHOLZ, Italy (CP) -- Germany put an end to Norway's four-race winning streak in men's World Cup biathlon competition today, placing first in the 4 x 7.5-kilometre relay.
     Germany posted its first relay victory of the season and gained first place in the World Cup standings in one hour 23:17.6 minutes with no misses shooting.
     The Norwegians missed one target and it cost them the gold as they placed second in 1:23:42.7 while Belarus was third in 1:25:13.0.
     The Canadian team of Eric Jensen of Regina, Steve Cyr of Val Belair, Que., Kevin Quintilio of Hinton, Alta., and Tony Fiala of Quesnel, B.C. placed 17th.
     In the women's 4 x 7.5-kilometre relay, the Russians team earned their second straight win in the event in 1:37:33.4. Norway was second in 1:37:50.8 and Germany third in 1:38:00.6.
     Myriam Bedard of Loretteville, Que., was unable to race due to a cold which forced Canada's women's team to withdraw from the relay for the second straight week.
     The next competition for the Canadians is the Olympic Games in Nagano, Japan in February.
     Bedard, a double Olympic champion in 1994, has posted Canada's best World Cup result this season placing 15th in a 15-kilometre race last month in Sweden.
     Her last World Cup medal was a silver in 1996.
     "I would be very happy with a top-15 at the Olympics," said Bedard, 28, who has recovered from the hypothyroidism which afflicted her last season.
     "It would be wonderful to win a medal but there are a lot of factors I can't control and I'm not putting any extra pressure on myself. One of the important things for me now will be to arrive in Nagano well rested."
     World Cup Biathlon Results
     ANTERSELVA, Italy (AP) -- Results Sunday of Biathlon World Cup races:
     30km Relay
     1. Germany (Ricco Gross, Peter Sendel, Sven Fischer, Frank Luck), 1 hour, 23 minutes, 17.6 seconds (0 penalty laps).
     2. Norway (Egil Gjelland, Halvard Hanevold, Frode Andresen, Ole Einar Bjoerndalen), 1:23:42.7 (2).
     3. Belarus (Alexei Aidarov, Oleg Ryzhenkov, Alexander Popov, Vadim Sashurin), 1:25:10.0 (2).
     4. Sweden, 1:25:19.5 (0).
     5. France, 1:25:52.0 (0).
     6. Austria, 1:26:23.1 (0).
     7. Finland, 1:26:39.2 (0).
     8. Poland, 1:26:49.3 (0).
     9. Japan, 1:26:52.8 (2).
     10. Slovenia, 1:27:14.6 (1).
     17. Canada (Eric Jensen, Steve Cyr, Kevin Quintillo, Tony Fiala), 1:32:04.2 (4).
     United States (Jay Hakkinen, Kasilof, Alaska; Dan Westover, Colchester, Vt.; Andy Erickson, Minnetonka, Minn.; Rob Rosser, Jericho, Vt.), did not finish.
     Britain, did not finish.
     World Cup Standings
     (After four races)
     1. Germany, 103 points.
     2. Norway, 102.
     3. Italy, 84.
     4. Austria, 82.
     5. France, 76.
     19. Britain, 30.
     20. United States, 23.
     21. Canada, 21.
     30-Kilometer Relay
     1. Russia (Anna Volkova, Galina Koukleva, Olga Romasko and Albina Achatova), 1 hour, 37 minutes, 33.4 seconds (3 penalty laps).
     2. Norway (Ann Elen Skjelbreid, Annette Sikveland, Gunn Margit Andreassen, Liv Grete Skjelbreid), 1:37:50.8 (3).
     3. Germany (Uschi Disl, Martina Zellner, Katrin Apel, Katja Beer), 1:38:00.6 (1).
     4. France, 1:38:37.8 (0).
     5. Belarus, 1:40:01.5 (0).
     6. Slovakia, 1:40:28.2 (2).
     7. Kazakstan, 1:41:02.0 (0).
     8. Sweden, 1:41:22.2 (1).
     9. Slovenia, 1:41:40.6 (1).
     10. Poland, 1:41:58.5 (1).
     16. United States (Ntala Skinner, Sun Valley, Idaho; Kristin Viljanen-Sebasteanski, Milford, N.H.; Debbie Nordyke, Bend, Ore.; Stacey Wooley, Lebanon, N.H.), 1:43:40.7 (2).
     World Cup Standings
     (After four races)
     1. Russia, 106 points.
     2. France, 100.
     3. Germany, 100.
     4. Norway, 72.
     5. Czech Republic, 71.
     16. United States, 41.
     20. Canada, 8.