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    Sunday, November 30, 1997

    Canada's Olympic women's biathlon team announced

      DOMBAS, Norway--Double Olympic champion Myriam Bedard of Loretteville, Que., Nikki Keddie of Toronto, Michelle Collard of Vanderhoof, B.C., and Kristin Berg of Edmonton qualified for Canada's women's Olympic biathlon team following Sunday's national selection races.
      Bedard, had pre-qualified for the Games and did not compete this weekend.
      The selection trials were a three-race series comprised of one 15 kilometre and two 7.5 kilometre races and featured eight entries. Michelle Collard of Vanderhoof, B.C., was first overall with 100.94 points, Nikki Keddie of Toronto second at 100.39 and Kristin Berg of Edmonton third at 100.20 . The top-three each won one race and placed second in another. Bedard and Berg were on the 1994 Olympic team while the 1998 Nagano Games will be the first Olympic experience for Keddie and Collard.
      "It's always hard to race against your best friends," said Keddie. "Four of us were going to the World Cup and Olympics and the other four were going home. That was the hard part. We wish we could all win."
      Martine Albert of Rimouski, Que., was fourth and is the team alternate.
      On the men's side, the four-member national team squad for the World Cup season was selected also based on a three-race series (a 20 kilometre and two 10 kilometre races).
      Jean Paquet placed first at 101.34 points, Eric Jensen of Regina was second at 101.23 and Ian Robertson of Edmonton third at 98.37 and all qualified. Steve Cyr of Val Belair, Que., ninth at the world championships, won the first race on Thursday but a foot injury forced him out of the other two races. He was selected to the team by the coaches.
      "I'm a little bit surprised," said Robertson, 26, who earned third, fourth and fifth place finishes in the three selection races. "I basically had quit the sport for six weeks in the summer because I wanted to go back to school. But then I found out the selection competition was going to be open to developmental team athletes. So I had 13 weeks to get in shape. This proves to me that when I want something bad enough I can go and get it."
      Erick Gosselin of Quebec City was selected as the alternate.
      Canada has qualified two Olympic spots so far in men's biathlon and can qualify two more at this season's World Cup races.
      The World Cup season gets underway next weekend in Lillehammer, Norway.
      Results at Canadian national team trials in biathlon at Dombas, Norway (missed targets in brackets):
      Race #1 20 kilometre: 1. Steve Cyr Val-Belair, Que., 56 minutes and 09 seconds (5); 2. Robin Clegg, Ottawa, 56.53 (1); 3. Eric Jensen, Regina, 56.55 (6); 4. Ian Robertson, Edmonton, 57:25 (4); 5. Jean Paquet, Loretteville, Que., 57:42 (6).
      Race #2 10 kilometre: 1. Jensen, 26:58 (1); 2. Paquet, 27:09 (3); 3. Shayne Hoehn, Camrose, Alta., 28:19 (2); 4. Erick Gosselin, Quebec City, 28:21 (3); 5. Robertson, 28:22 (2).
      Race #3 10 kilometres: 1. Paquet, 27:39 (2); 2. Jensen, 27:54 (1); 3. Robertson, 28:36 (1); 4. Gosselin, 29:04 (3); 5. Hoehn, 29:30 (3).
      Overall: 1. Paquet, 101.34 points; 2. Jensen, 101.23; 3. Robertson, 98.37; 4. Clegg, 97.21; 5. Gosselin, 96.72.
      Qualified for the national team: Cyr, Paquet, Jensen and Robertson.
      Race #1 15 kilometre: 1. Nikki Keddie, Toronto, 50:38 (5); 2. Kristin Berg, Edmonton, 50:51 (4); 3. Martine Albert, Rimouski, Que., 50:59 (5); 4. Joanne Thomson, Ottawa, 51:15 (3); 5. Michelle Collard, Vanderhoof, B.C., 51:18 (6).
      Race #2 7.5 kilometre: 1. Collard, 24:49 (2); 2. Keddie, 25:11 (2); 3. Linn Ryter, St-Redempteur, Que., 25:50 (4); 4. Morwenna Lane, Vermillion, Alta., 25:59 (4); 5. Albert, 26:02 (3).
      Race #3 7.5 kilometre: 1. Berg, 26:10 (2); 2. Collard, 26:17 (5); 3. Albert, 26:25 (3); 4.(tie) Ryter, (4) and Keddie 26:31 (3).
      Overall: 1. Collard, 100.94; 2. Keddie, 100.39; 3. Berg, 100.20; 4. Albert, 99.59; 5. Thomson, 99.02.
      Qualified for the national team and Olympic team: Myriam Bedard, Loretteville (pre-qualified); Berg, Keddie, Collard.