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March 18, 2016

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    No crowning glory for Lori

    By CHRIS STEVENSON -- Ottawa Sun
      ASAKAWA -- It marked the end of something that has been part of his life for close to 14 years and, after a week full of emotion, he seemed remarkably devoid of it when it was finally all over.
     "I was kind of indifferent to the whole thing," bobsled driver Chris Lori of Windsor said. He ended a tumultuous week and his career at the Spiral track with an 11th-place finish in the four-man bobsled competition with his crew of Ian Danney of Edmonton and twins Matt and Ben Hindle -- Matt sliding once again with a sutured gash in his shoulder after getting hit with a piece of glass in the athletes village Wednesday.
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    Hindle's Olympic pane

    By TOM BRENNAN -- Calgary Sun
      Matt Hindle had to grin, if ruefully, about the amount of ink he, a little-known bobsledder, ended up receiving.
     "I would much rather have stayed anonymous," he said, "and not had it happen."
     The Calgarian's Olympic debut was "everything I thought it would be." And, unfortunately, a little more.
     Two days before Matt and twin brother Ben helped push Chris Lori's Canada 2 sled to an 11th-place finish in the four-man event, he got the fright of his life when a pane of glass was mysteriously shattered and fell from a sixth-floor window at the Olympic village. Hindle, luckily, suffered only a five-stitch cut on his left shoulder.
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    Greenidge trades the ice for the track

    By CHRIS STEVENSON -- Ottawa Sun
      ASAWARA -- Ottawa's Ricardo Greenidge is abandoning a downhill struggle for an uphill one.
     After finishing ninth as part of Pierre Lueders' four-man bobsled team at the Winter Games yesterday, the 29-year-old said he's giving up the sport to concentrate on making the Summer Olympic Games as a sprinter.
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    Germany wins four-man bobsled

     NAGANO, Japan (AP) -- The French went nuts, the British swigged champagne and the Germans celebrated in their calm, cool way.
     Christoph Langen easily won gold in Germany 2. Langen, who sat out last year with a torn Achilles' tendon, dominated the competition from the start Friday and finished the three heats in 2 minutes, 39.41 seconds.
     Marcel Rohner won silver in Switzerland 1 in 2:40.01. Sean Olsson in Britain 1 and Bruno Mingeon each finished in 2:40.06.
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    Brian Shimer fails again to medal

     NAGANO, Japan (AP) -- Nobody should have to endure this much pain.
     A decade ago, Brian Shimer watched Brent Rushlaw lose an Olympic bobsled medal for the United States by two-hundredths of a second.
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