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    Christie Blatchford

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    February 23, 1998

    Gretzky deserved flag honor

     NAGANO -- It took a Russian, head coach Vladimir Yurzinov, speaking through one of those wonderful translators who can make a breakfast order sound profound and moving, to say it.
     Explaining that the European style of hockey and the North American (read Canadian) each has considerable merit, and that this Olympic tournament has proven that "some reciprocity and mutual respect would be in order," he added with a shrug, "we're not supposed to all pray to just one god."
     Perfectly correct
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    He's One Great Canadian

    Toronto Sun
     NAGANO -- There comes a point, at every Olympic Games I have ever covered, when I am torn by two equally fierce and diametrically opposed emotions.
     One is to run screaming from wherever it is I have just spent two weeks-plus, in this case Nagano, one of the ugliest small cities it has ever been my pleasure to visit; the other is to move there forever.
     The first is born in fatigue, physical and spiritual, in endless days spent on buses on which, invariably, as my colleague Steve Buffery says, one finds oneself cheek-to-jowl with profusely sweating Bulgarian journalists who rigorously disdain bathing, and in disappointment, here, chiefly the failure of the Canadian hockey team to win a gold medal. The second is a langorous, foolish mellowness, and has its roots in glorious memories, small and large both, and a desire that the fun should not ever end.
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