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    Steve Simmons

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    February 23, 1998

    All Europeans can celebrate Czech win

    By STEVE SIMMONS -- Toronto Sun
      With a bouquet of flowers in one hand and his other hand waving to the fans, Dominik Hasek skated a victory lap, with his team skating right behind him.
     A perfect athletic ending to a wonderful athletic event.
      "A celebration," Russian coach Vladimir Yurzinov called it.
     "A celebration of hockey."
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    The Games of fame & shame

    By STEVE SIMMONS -- Toronto Sun
      NAGANO -- The image will not leave my mind.
     The image of the Japanese man standing at the airport in Osaka, proudly wearing his volunteer's jacket, holding a piece of cardboard that read "Canada."
     He was smiling and bowing, bowing and smiling, knowing none of the people he was greeting, knowing none of the words he was hearing.
     This was my introduction to the Games of Nagano, an Olympics of many contradictions and customs, and more than two weeks later there was but one unending truism: These were the most polite Olympic Games ever, a Games of smiling faces, welcoming the world to this small and maze-like Japanese city.
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