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    Chris Stevenson

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    February 23, 1998

    Olympics 1998: Memorable moments

    By CHRIS STEVENSON -- Ottawa Sun
      NAGANO -- The XVIII Olympic Winter Games are many things to many people, a series of snapshots and moments which capture the nature of competition and the unrelenting resolve of the human spirit.
     Or somebody falling on their head and crashing through a fence, doing a face plant and getting up and walking away.
     The 1998 XVIII Winter Games will be remembered for many things.
     Here are 98 of them...
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    No crowning glory for Lori

    By CHRIS STEVENSON -- Ottawa Sun
      ASAKAWA -- It marked the end of something that has been part of his life for close to 14 years and, after a week full of emotion, he seemed remarkably devoid of it when it was finally all over.
     "I was kind of indifferent to the whole thing," bobsled driver Chris Lori of Windsor said. He ended a tumultuous week and his career at the Spiral track with an 11th-place finish in the four-man bobsled competition with his crew of Ian Danney of Edmonton and twins Matt and Ben Hindle -- Matt sliding once again with a sutured gash in his shoulder after getting hit with a piece of glass in the athletes village Wednesday.
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