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    Al Strachan

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    February 24, 1998

    Japanese deserve credit

    By AL STRACHAN -- Toronto Sun
      One of the stories going around the Olympic Media Village had to do with an American newspaper which, as the basis of a daily piece, had one of its staffers leave a camera somewhere.
     One day it was left on a bus. Another day in an arena. Another day in a bar. And so on.
      Every time, it was returned.
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    Canadian hockey will be just fine

    By AL STRACHAN -- Toronto Sun
      Even from as far away as Japan, you can predict what will happen in Canada over the next few weeks.
     The usual suspects -- members of the chattering classes who haven't seen a live hockey game in years -- will bleat about the decline of Canadian hockey.
      There will be the usual complaints -- on the national network and in certain predictable newspapers -- that we can't produce skilled players any more, and that our entire hockey system needs to be overhauled.
     This opinion will be based on the fact Team Canada lost to the U.S. in the World Cup final, then finished fourth in the Olympics.
     It's a nice theory. Too bad there's nothing to it.
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    Gretzky's exit leaves a void

    By AL STRACHAN -- Toronto Sun
      NAGANO -- That was the last we'll see of Wayne Gretzky in a Team Canada uniform.
     Our hockey will never be the same again.
     For years, he has worn the jersey proudly. He has provided some of the country's greatest international hockey moments and he has been on hand for some of its worst.
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