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    Sunday, November 23, 1997

    Dahlie anchors Norway to relay victory

     BEITOSTOLEN, Norway (AP) -- Bjorn Dahlie anchored Norway to a 3.6-second victory over Finland Sunday in a 40-kilometer World Cup cross-country ski relay.
     Norway clocked 1 hour, 37 minutes, 31.0 seconds.
     Dahlie, who earned a record 38th individual victory in a 10K Saturday, posted the third fastest time. Teammate Erling Jevne, who skied the third leg, had the fastest time of the day.
     Norway showed great depth, as its B and C teams finished third and fourth, ahead of such powers as Russia (seventh), Sweden (eighth) and Italy (ninth).
     The United States placed 16th among 29 finishers in 1:41.31.2.
     Russia won the women's 20K classical-style relay in 53:37.1, with Norway a distant second and Italy third. A combined United States-Poland team was 22nd among 24 finishers.
     BEITOSTOLEN, Norway (AP) -- Results Sunday from the opening World Cup cross-country ski relay races of the season:
     4x10 km Classical
     1. Norway (Thomas Alsgaard, Anders Eide, Erling Jevne, Bjorn Dahlie), 1 hour 37 minutes 31.0 seconds; 2. Finland (Jari Isometsa, Harri Kirvesniemi, Sami Repo, Kuisma Taipale) 1:37.34.6; 3. Norway B (Sture Sivertsen, Frode Estil, Anders Aukland, Oyvind Skaanes) 1:37.37.8; 4. Norway C, 1:37.37.8; 5. Austria, 1:37.45.6; 6. Russia B, 1:38.00.7; 7. Russia, 1:38.01.2; 8. Sweden, 1:38.56.1; 9. Italy, 1:38.56.2; 10. Sweden B, 1:39.37.7;
     29. Canada, 1:49.19.6.
     4x5 km Classical
     1. Russia (Natalia Masalkina, Olga Danilova, Nina Gavriliuk, Larisa Lasutina), 53 minutes 37.1 seconds; 2. Norway (Anita Moen Guidon, Marit Mikkelsplass, Trude Dybendahl Hartz, Bente Martinsen), 53:58.0; 3. Italy (Karin Moroder, Stefania Belmondo, Sabina Valbusa, Gabriella Paruzzi), 54:46.6; 4. Finland, 54:46.9; 5. Czech Republic, 54:57.9; 6. Switzerland, 55:07.3; 7. Russia B, 55:12.0; 8. Norway B, 55:16.1; 9. Sweden, 55:19.1; 10. Ukraine, 55:31.0;